People Share Their Experiences With Tattoos At Workplace

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Some workplaces think that tattoo is indecent and is something that doesn’t suit their corporate environment. Some companies are getting liberal towards tattoos (but with some restrictions). We think that nothing can describe better how tattooed employees feel than themselves. Here we have rounded up some employees’ experiences in the workplace.

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Tattoos At Workplace

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Here’s How Tattoos Prompt Employees to Change Their Dresses

“I work for the state, the dress attire is pretty formal. I have a half sleeve. I kept it hidden for the first 6 months until I was comfortable with my boss. Now I wear short sleeve button downs and no one cares.

I would say most employers in creative fields don’t care, and if you’re at an employer like myself who is more corporate feel out the vibe first.”

When Corporate Suits Saved the Day…

“I work for a very “serious” International corporation. For the sales, technical staff and management it doesn’t matter, cause they wear suits all the time anyway. Some outlandish face tattoos would be a no-no, obviously. For the most of the marketing staff of which I am a part of, it matters less. I used to sport a few face piercings, but they hired me nevertheless. There is a guy with a nice arm tattoo that wears short sleeved t-shirts all year long in combination with sandals over socks. The latter is unacceptable by my standards.”

What a Tattoo Friendly Workplace!

“I’m an in-house designer at a Fortune 50. We’re pretty conservative. It’s the type of place that’s willing to foot the bill on pre-employment and random drug testing on hair.

I wore tights to my interview to hide tattoos that I have on my feet, as well as a blazer to cover tattoos on my forearm. I kept them hidden for my first couple months of employment.

Our employee handbook doesn’t have a specific clause on tattoos other than “it’s up to your manager.” (Obviously, inappropriate or offensive imagery is unacceptable.) My manager and immediate coworkers are cool with it, and I’ve never had anyone else in the company say something to me.”

An Employer’s Take on Tattoos…

“When I started at my company there was not an official policy, but I was pretty sure visible tattoos were frowned upon because it was a pretty conservative place. My most visible is one on my forearm, so I wore long sleeves every day.

On casual Fridays, I would wear a long-sleeved T-Shirt under my polo shirt. Even in the summer, when it was ridiculously hot out. One day I either forgot to put that on underneath or decided “fuck it” and went with my arms bare.

My supervisor and a co-worker noticed the tattoo and right away asked, “Is that why you always wear long sleeves?” I replied that was correct and she said, “Oh that’s a relief. We thought maybe you were a heroin addict and were covering up your track marks.” I learned that day they didn’t care about tattoos (for the most part.)

To this day I’m not sure if she was serious, joking, or somewhere in between, but I didn’t have to wear long sleeves in the summer anymore, so that was a plus.”


Medical Field is More Acceptable towards Tattooing

“My hospital’s policy (in rural South) is cover tattoos if larger than a quarter or they are “offensive in nature”, and no facial piercings…I’d say at least 1/3 of the staff on my floor alone have visible tattoos way larger than a quarter that nobody covers, and a good chunk have piercings and gauges. Healthcare is changing, schools just haven’t caught up with the times. I avoided getting anything on my forearms in the past because I didn’t want to jeopardize my chances of working in a hospital and now I regret it lol (an unusual version of tattoo regret, I know!)”

Bottom Line:

These experiences of employees must have given you an idea about the workplaces’ take on the tattoos. Workplaces are getting more liberal and allowing employees to get inked. But this is true only in case of decent tattooing or when tattoos are covered.

However, make sure to read company’s policy regarding tattooing and piercing. If your workplace doesn’t accept tattoos, then use these tricks to hide your tattoos cleverly.

  • Clothing:

Roll down your sleeves to hide the tattoos on arm or on the wrist.

Wear a high collared shirt to hide your neck tattoos.

  • Makeup:

Apply makeup to hide your tattoos (don’t use makeup for your new tattoos)

  • Keep Your Hair Open:

Keep open your long hair to hide neck tattoos.

  • Jewelry:

Wear armlets to cover up the tattoos on the wrists. Wear big ring to cover up a tattoo on the fingers.

  • Try Tattoo Cover Up Products:

Various tattoo cover up products is available to hide the tattoos. Make sure to choose the one which suits your skin type and is safe for your skin.


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