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Tattoos are not new in the fashion world. People love them for different reasons. But this is half truth. Reason being, there is almost an equal ratio of people living with tattoo regret. Thankfully there is a solution to get rid of this regret and unwanted tattoo design. Find out how!PAINLESS TATTOO REMOVAL IS POSSIBLE- FIND OUT HOW

So, you have a tattoo which you are not in love with anymore.

Don’t panic! You aren’t alone. There are many people who once got tattooed and now don’t want it to be there. It can be due different reasons. For instance, you got it for your then girlfriend, but unfortunately, you both are no more in a relationship. And that old tattoo always reminds you of the time you spent with her!

In such a situation, you would like to get rid of the ink at any cost, isn’t it? Of course, the reasons for tattoo regret can be different, but ultimately, everyone desires for solution to come out of the regret and tattoo design.

So, if you’re already wearing a piece of body art, which no longer appeals you, and you simply want to get it removed,  don’t worry, there are a few possible options to get it done. Yes, you can get your skin back to its natural state.

How to get rid of tattoo regret?

The process of removing a tattoo is not as simple as it appears to be. There are different types of skin, different colors, and different sizes of tattoos. Hence, the time taken for removal will vary significantly. Gone are the days, when tattoos were removed through surgical methods, dermabrasion, which were extremely painful.  

Over the years, technology has brought forth several solutions which have helped mankind in different ways. One such invention is laser tattoo removal procedure which has become an easy way out for those who want to get rid of their old tattoo. It is now of the most popular, economical and convenient tattoo removal processes.

Is laser tattoo removal painless?

Though it is said to be pain free, yet it would be unfair to accept it truly. Reason being, laser tattoo removal can cause some amount of pain.

Yes, there is no painless tattoo removal process; however, it is less painful as compared to other processes. And then there is a solution which can help you make it entirely pain free.

How to make laser tattoo removal painless?

For this all you need to do is buy a numbing cream like Dr. Numb. Basically, it is topical anesthetic cream which consists of 5 percent Lidocaine. Being a strong numbing agent, the highest amount permitted by FDA is 5%. Hence, make sure your numbing cream formula doesn’t consist more than this.

Dr. Numb have to be applied about an hour before the procedure. Just when you step out for laser tattoo removal, at least 45 minutes before, apply a modest (1mm) thick coat of numbing cream to the area to be worked upon. You can clean it with a damp cloth after it becomes complete senseless.

Once you skin gets numb, the artist can start working on it. Thus, you get access to a way out to get rid of tattoo in a painless manner.




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