Painless Brazilian Waxing Is Now No More A Dream

July 05, 2017   628

For those who have been looking for a clean bikini line, must have heard of Brazilian waxing. No doubt, it offers the most excellent way out to have a hair free skin. But do you know that it is painful? Find out how you can make it painless this time.Painless Brazilian Waxing Is Now No More A Dream

It is summer time and you must be planning for a beach party, right?

So, you will be wearing your all time favorite bikini dresses. But wait! Have you got it cleaned? Not yet?

Want to get a hairless bikini line?

Those unwanted hair can be hard to remove. If you are yearning for clean and hair free bikini area, nothing serves better than Brazilian waxing. The efficiency of this procedure makes it a popular choice among the women who want to remove unwanted hair. But there is a catch- bikini waxing is very painful. In fact, there are many who avoid it just due to excess of pain caused.

But you don’t need to worry! You can make this procedure pain-free. Wondering how?

How to get pain free Brazilian waxing?

The simplest answer would be using a numbing solution. Yes, you can count on anesthetic creams for this purpose. Actually, these creams consist of a numbing agent which blocks the pain signals at the skin surface. Thus, it stops those signals from reaching the brain. Hence, you will not feel the pain being caused.

How to choose the appropriate numbing cream for Brazilian waxing?

The pain caused by this waxing type is unbearable. Hence, to make the experience bearable you will need a numbing cream. But there is no dearth of numbing creams in the market. And thus it can be really difficult for you to choose a right solution.

However, there are several factors which determine the quality of numbing cream, and its effectiveness in reducing the pain caused during bikini waxing. First and foremost, you must ensure that it is safe to use on every skin type. And then it should consist of active agent which is approved by FDA.

You can count on Dr. Numb. Being a topical anesthetic it consists of 5% lidocaine, which the highest amount as per FDA’s instruction. Plus, it comprises of vitamin E, making it ideal to nourish the skin. You can apply a genuine amount of Dr. Numb one hour prior to your appointment. On application, it will numb the nerve endings and you will not feel any pain.

So, now go for painless Brazilian wax!

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