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Topical Numbing Cream for Microdermabrasion-Dr. Numb

Topical Numbing Cream for Microdermabrasion

Beauty has no limits and everybody well knows about the beauty obsession of women. Undergoing various dermal procedures has become a fashion today. Among the list of various beauty procedures, Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are two very popular methods. But, the bitter truth is that these proces...

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Tattoo Itch- Dr Numb

Itching over the tattoo, is it Scabies??

Getting a tattoo on the body is really painful. In fact, if not taken care of, the tattoo can become a great threat by welcoming parasites and bacteria. A deteriorated tattoo can cause you several dermal infections, even Scabies!! Introduction Many times, the question comes up about alleviated...

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DrNumb for all skin types

Does Dr.Numb® Cream Work an All Skin Types?

Summary Thinking of getting a tattoo on your skin? Or fascinated by someone’s body piercing? Getting those trendy looks is what everyone aspires to have now a days. But before you go for these body art, you should look for what skin type you have and whether the numb cream being used by tattoo a...

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Choosing Numbing Cream

5 Things You Should Know About Choosing Numbing Creams

Summary Numbing creams have become a necessity today for almost every one residing in every corner of the world. As such, there are innumerous options available in the market globally. It isn’t easy to decide which one is the best for you. Therefore, it becomes important here to consider a few ba...

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