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Where Can I Buy The Best Numbing Cream?

If you have decided that you will be using a numbing cream for your tattooing, waxing, or whatever dermal procedure, you must determine where to purchase it. There are a lot of opt...

May 12, 2014 16127
Least Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo

7 Least Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo

Tattooing hurts, you! However, there are several spots in our body where tattoos pain goes dramatically lower. Img Source: Pinterest For getting those fascinating tattoo ...

July 15, 2016 15806
Numbing cream for infant ear piercing

Numbing Cream For Infant Ear Piercing

Many parents choose to use a numbing creams before their infant are pierced in the ears. Let’s find out in the article below of using a numbing cream is safe or not. Be...

October 30, 2014 14192
Cartilage Piercing

5 Easy Solutions To Heal Cartilage Piercing Bumps and Infections!

You landed here looking for some home remedies to treat cartilage piercing bumps or infection? Well, you are at right place. Explore some easy and efficient solutions to treat your...

August 25, 2016 12929