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Can Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers Use Dr. Numb® Cream?

Dr. Numb – an effective topical numbing agent that is used to help the patient bear various pain and painful procedures. Among the various pains that humans usually bear is the p...

September 08, 2015 4961

What Is The Difference Between Hives And Scabies?

Hives are caused when our immune system response to harmless substances that produce a continuous itching on the skin causing a rash. While, Scabies is an irresistible infection br...

February 11, 2016 4922

Itching over the tattoo, is it Scabies??

Getting a tattoo on the body is really painful. In fact, if not taken care of, the tattoo can become a great threat by welcoming parasites and bacteria. A deteriorated tattoo can c...

July 31, 2015 4899

Painless Botox with Numbing Creams

  Botox is one of the famous beauty regimens done by people who want to restore their wrinkle-free skin. A lot of people resort to this kind of procedure in order to look go...

June 05, 2013 4894