Obsessed With Travel? Pick Any Wanderlust Tattoos For You

May 17, 2017   422

Travellers everywhere throughout the world are continually gathering passport stamps, soul-blending stories and frequently, dazzling wanderlust tattoos. Every one recounts a story, a story of adventure, inspiration and personal achievement. They’re symbols of respect, gladly embellished on the bodies of those whose hearts are combined by travel.Obsessed With Travel Pick Any Wanderlust Tattoos

Here are 6 wanderlust tattoos for anyone passionate with travel:

  1. The globe tattoo stands for Asia that ensure that wherever you go, will always know where your home is. The arrow stands for the bounce into something new.
  2. If you’ve always wanted a palm tree tattoo, make sure you get it done before you go to Bali trip as it gives more meaning and creates a beautiful moment till the time you be there.
  3. If your life goal is to travel as much as you can, get a tattoo that actually conveys who your wanderlust through some quote or a word like, Wonderlust, defining your travelling. You can get this kind of tattoo on your ribs, arms, or an area you love the most and you can flaunt in public.
  4. Also, Hawaii island is the most visited places for travelers around the world. So, if you are visiting the island, don’t forget to get a Hawaii island tattoo inked on your foot.  
  5. I am a firm devotee that tattoos that shows what you stand for and have faith in. That is definitely the reason behind why many individuals go for a word “GO” on your lower arm. It’s a mantra, a moto, a reason when life gets harsh, when the day at work simply doesn’t appear to arrive at an end. You try to remind yourself that you are doing it for a reason: to have the capacity to go later on!
  6. Get inked a compass rose with a globe in the center of your arm. It is a kind of tattoo which is clear as crystal. But, in case it’s not, it mainly just reflects your love of travel and desire to explore the world more and more!


The placement of tattoos on any part of your body can be painful, but being a travel freak you won’t mind bearing the pain of your loved tattoo. But, still to care about your sensitive skin, just ask your artist to numb the area with a topical numbing cream like Dr. Numb to kill the pain.



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