Do Numbing Creams Work For Epilating?

October 08, 2014   907

Epilators are the devices that function to remove hair from the roots through a single spinning of their tweezers. Ouch, now that can seriously hurt! If the very thought of pain makes you feel like giving up on epilators then consider using numbing creams.

Hair Epilation

An epilator is a battery powered device that seizes multiple hair in one go and yanks them out of the body. It works in a manner quite similar to waxing. While epilators are gaining popularity, as hair removed through this technique takes significantly long time to grow back, the process can be extremely painful too! This is why people are now using numbing creams before they use epilator to the make the process less painful.

Function of Numbing Creams

Numbing creams are the topical anesthetics that function to numb the skin where they are applied. These are formulated to ease the irritation and pain caused due to painful cosmetic procedures, such as waxing and epilating.

Considerations of Using Numbing Creams

The moment you decide to use a numbing cream, make sure you do not apply too much at once. Remember, the effect of the cream decreases over time (generally 60 – 90 minutes after the cream is wiped off) so use it accordingly.

For instance, if you are going to epilate your bikini area, then use the numbing cream on one side. Wait and epilate this side and then apply the cream on to the other side. Also, as these creams are being absorbed into your body, so make sure you do not overdo them.

Dr. Numb – The Best Numbing Cream for Epilating

If applied correctly, Dr. Numb, the highly recommended topical anesthetic cream, can effectively numb the skin area for 2-3 hours.

That’s more than sufficient in case you’re planning to get your whole body hair free. One of the best lidocaine creams available in the market, Dr. Numb can massively reduce epilating pain in no time.

If you want your numbing cream to last for as long as 3 hours, then apply a generous layer of Dr. Numb at least 45 – 60 minutes prior to using the epilator.

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