How Does Numbing Cream Work?

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You have read so much about numbing creams and their role in tattoo making, body piercing and surgeries. But amidst the vast knowledge, there are many folks there who want to know how numbing cream work. Here we’ve come up with the functioning of numbing cream which includes the main ingredients and process.

Numbing Cream Usage

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Nerve Deadeners:

Numbing cream reduces the pain by numbing the nerves. It contains lidocaine which deadens the nerves carrying pain signals to the brain. A good numbing cream has 5% of lidocaine.

Nerve Blockers:

Tetracaine is the widely used ingredient in numbing cream to block the pain. You can feel some level of pain, but they don’t make scream as they don’t send pain signal to the brain. Tetracaine works with its fellow numbing agent, benzocaine. Since they don’t prevent the nerves from expediting pain on their own, they are mixed with nerve deadeners to reduce the pain level.  Most of the creams containing the combination of tetracaine and lidocaine are used in permanent eyeliner application.


Vasoconstrictors are counted among the most efficient numbing agent. They contain epinephrine, and they function by constricting the blood vessels to minimize the bleeding. These chemicals balance the absorption, making them a good combination for other numbing agent for a long lasting effect. The combination of Vasoconstrictors with epinephrine is also ideal for tattoo sessions as they minimize the bleeding and swelling. They are also available in the form of numbing sprays which are widely popular.

In this way, a numbing cream works to reduce your pain during tattooing, piercing and minor surgeries. You can trust Dr. Numb cream, which is the leading numbing solution for all body arts and minor surgeries.

Make sure to use numbing cream after washing and drying the skin area one hour prior to the process.

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