Does Numbing Cream Work On Tattoos, On The Foot?

September 19, 2014   2925

Applying numbing creams before getting foot tattoos inscribed can help reduce the aching tattooing pain to a great extent. Continue reading to know more.

Does Numbing Cream Work On Tattoos, On The Foot?

Foot tattoos are insanely painful. The pain a foot tattoo accompanies is nothing less than to a surgical operation. Ask any tattoo artist in your area and he’ll tell you the same thing.

This is mainly because a human foot is made of several tantalizing blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and superficial bones (top end).

Moreover, a foot has thin skin layer with minimal fat deposits. So the pain you feel in this part of the body is high up on the scale. Most people can’t bear it. Not without the help of a powerful anesthetic.

Are numbing creams effective for foot tattoos?

Basically, numbing creams take about 30-45 minutes to seep in the epidermis and then result in temporary numbness. The numbing effect can last about 3-4 hours.

Since the upper foot area has relativity lesser fat deposits and a thinner epidermis layer, anesthetic cream doesn’t seep in as it (ideally) should. This can lead to variable results for different individuals.

Generally, using numbing creams for foot tattoos may or may not work for a particular individual.  But, they do help in reducing the pain to a significant extent and are thus advisable for foot tattoos.

Applying anesthetic creams before foot tattoos

For better results, it is recommended that you wash the foot skin with soap and let it dry out completely before applying the anesthetic cream. Besides, the cream must be applied in thick proportions and rubbed thoroughly before a tattoo artist begins his work.

As a suggestion for foot tattoos, apply an extra layer of anesthetic cream and cover it with a plastic wrap. This plastic covering won’t allow the cream to dry up quickly, thus resulting in a better numbing action.

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