Numbing Cream for Injections, Do You Need It?

January 10, 2013   2387


Some doctors believe that being healthy does not need to be painful. Recent developments in cosmetic medicine continue to aim for less painful methods for certain medical procedures. But one requirement for most procedures is having injections.

Injections are tolerable to most people, but for some this procedure is very painful. Imagine getting your skin, or probably up to your muscles, pierced by  a very fine needle. And even the needle size accounts for the pain level – the thicker and deeper the needle gets, the more painful it becomes. That’s why some people – children or even adults with low tolerance to pain – avoid going to the doctor and getting their shots or injection medicines because they are afraid of the pain.

This is where the numbing cream can be very handy. The person who needs to get the injection just needs to apply the numbing cream on the area 1 hour before getting the injection, and they can already avoid the pain associated with injections. The pain is completely avoided, and the person will maintain their health because they won’t be scared of the injections anymore. Its a great help for kids as well for getting their vaccines.

If you have a high tolerance to pain, then you probably can go by an injection without the need for a numbing cream. But for others who are very afraid of it, the numbing cream can be a very important tool for avoiding the injection pain and keeping their health maintained.

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