What Is The Best Numbing Cream For Immunization?

September 19, 2014   1189

Immunizations or vaccinations help protect children from serious diseases. Still, that’s hardly comforting when it’s time to actually get the shots. But, the good news is that some topical numbing creams can be used to effectively ease out this pain, or fear of pain, whichever the bigger problem.

What Is The Best Numbing Cream For Immunization?

Vaccines are very important as they help protect against serious diseases and infections. But children generally feel brief discomfort and pain while getting a shot. This is one reason most kids develop fear of needles or associated medical procedures.  So, what can you do to reduce the pain of immunization and prepare your toddler to undergo the procedure?

Consider Using Numbing Creams

Numbing creams can be used to ease the feeling of pain caused due to immunization; they do so by efficiently blocking the pain receptors in the skin. All you are required to do is to apply the cream according to the package instructions before the doctor’s appointment.

Most numbing creams can be bought without a medical prescription at pharmacies.

Dr Numb – The Best Numbing Cream for Immunization

Dr Numb is a local anesthetic cream that can be applied to the skin to effectively reduce the feeling of pain by creating numbness in the applied region. The cream comprises of the purest and highest amount of lidocaine, which is an anesthetic ingredient. It is by far the only water-based numbing cream available in the market which makes it safer to be used by children of all ages.

Necessary Precautions with Children

If you are using Dr Numb on a child, make sure the medication stays in place and that your child does not put the medicine in his/her mouth. You may also consider using a second covering to prevent the child from touching the cream. Also, wash your hands immediately after use, unless you’re treating the area on the hands.

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