Why Does Numbing Cream Contain 5% of Lidocaine?

January 19, 2017   3219

Numbing cream makes you feel less or no pain while having tattooing, piercing or minor surgeries like biopsy. This is because its numbing formula blocks the pain signals sent by the nerve endings to the brain. If you are new to tattooing or piercing, you may like to shop the one right now.Why Does Numbing Cream Contain 5% of Lidocaine

But if you are a curious mind, you like to know why numbing cream is so efficient or what does it contain. Many of our customers constantly ask us about the percentage of a numbing cream. Or, they want to know what is a “5% Lidocaine” in a numbing cream. Before telling you about this, it is useful if you go through the composition of the numbing cream first.

What Does Numbing Cream Contain?

Quality topical numbing cream like Dr. Numb has 5% Lidocaine, an active numbing agent. This is an ideal quantity to be used in a numbing cream due to the safety concerns. This percentage of Lidocaine is enough to keep the skin numb for 60-90 minutes. If the amount is more than 5%, it may lead to several side effects.

But there are many users who believe that numbing span won’t be extended with that percentage while going for long tattoo session. Obviously, they are curious to know if they can increase the span or apply it heavily for that.

You are about to get your answer.

You Should Not Use Heavier Amount of Numbing Cream!

This is because numbing cream is absorbed by the skin so that the numbness can be activated. And if your skin absorbs more numbing cream, it can cause critical risks including, seizure, slow breathing, respiratory failure and uneven heartbeat, though the risk may vary from person to person.

Here is an FDA warning on the excessive use or amount of numbing cream you must know:

  • Don’t apply heavy layers of topical anesthetic products over large parts of the skin
  • Don’t use strong and concentrated formulation
  • Don’t use numbing cream on irritated or broken skin
  • Don’t use dressing or cloth to heat the skin

So, you have understood that why the Lidocaine must be no more than 5 percent in a numbing cream. Luckily, Dr. Numb numbing cream is safe to use as it has the safe percentage (5%) of Lidocaine.

However, you must keep all the FDA’s precautions in mind while using Dr. Numb to keep the risks at a bay.


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