Numbing Cream before a Conch Piercing?

September 12, 2014   2137

Numbing creams are topical anesthetics which when applied on a skin portion, numb the area for some time. This eliminates or lessens the amount of pain that the skin area will sense with piercing or any other skin procedure. Read on to know whether you should use a numbing cream before getting your ear conch pierced!

Numbing Cream before a Conch Piercing?

Done on the cartilage portion on an ear, conch piercing no doubt very painful. Because, the ear cartilage is a bit harder than the lobule or helix area, piercing is made with a slightly larger prickle called the hypodermic needle. Hence the excruciating pain.

Moreover, the cartilage is quite an inflexible portion of an ear and therefore, the piercing has to be done with a dermal punch. This procedure is almost as painful as punching a big wide hole through a stack of 10 paper sheets.

Do you want to get one such hole in your ear? Don’t fret!

There’re numbing creams you can use to ease the pain.

With such a predictable pain level, qualified piercers often recommend the application of good quality numbing creams that serve as anesthetics.

Using Numbing Creams Before Conch Piercing

Lidocaine is the chief constituent in most numbing creams; it has a special sedative and cardiac depressant property that causes infiltration anesthesia with temporary nerve blockage.

Qualified piercers recommend applying numb creams on both sides of conch, at least one hour before piercing the ear cartilage.

An early application of numbing cream to the conch provides enough time for Lidocaine to cause short-term nerve blockage. Once a numbing agent kicks in, pain signals can’t reach the brain.

Numbing creams like Dr. Numb are completely safe and can also be used for various other skin procedures like tattooing, injections and even for surgeries. 

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