How to Numb Your Skin before Laser Tattoo Removal?

June 14, 2017   996

Fearing from pain and discomfort occurring during laser tattoo removal? You must need a numbing cream as it blocks the pain receptors. See how to use it efficiently for a laser tattoo removal.How to Numb Your Skin before Laser Tattoo Removal

There is one similarity between getting a tattoo and removing a tattoo. You feel pain in both cases. Many people undergo laser tattoo removal to get rid of their tattoo. A strong laser beam is emitted to the tattooed skin to break up the ink particles which ultimately leads to the tattoo fading.

Whereas the laser energy is harmless and targets the pigmented skin only, it may be a painful experience for the people having low threshold.

If pain is your only concern while going for laser tattoo removal, you can use a numbing cream. A numbing cream reduces your pain and discomfort by blocking your pain receptors for an hour or more.

However, you should be bit careful while using a numbing cream as it can affect the numbing efficiency. Here we have come up with the things you should follow while using a numbing cream for a laser tattoo removal.

Clean Your Tattooed Skin with Soap and Water:

First of all, clean your tattooed skin with soap and water to remove the debris and oil accumulated over there. It will help numbing cream to reach deeper to dull the pain receptors. You can use any soap. After cleaning the skin, pat it dry with a clean towel.

Apply Numbing Cream:

Apply numbing cream liberally to the top of the skin using your fingers or a tongue depressor. Make sure to use the gloves to avoid your fingers getting numbed. You can spread or rub the cream as mentioned on the pack.

Cover the Area:

Use a plastic cover or cling to cover the area. It will generate potent heat that activates a numbing effect. Don’t use a heating pad as it can cause side effect. Don’t wear the cover for longer. You will experience numbness within 20-25 minutes after application.

Wait for an Hour (or as mentioned on the pack)

Remove the plastic wrap after an hour. Wipe off the cream. Now your skin is ready for a tattoo removal with less or no pain. You won’t feel that time frame longer as you have to wait for your turn at the laser clinic.

Which Numbing Product is Good for Laser Tattoo Removal?

You can use Dr. Numb numbing cream for your laser tattoo removal. It contains 5% lidocaine and delivers a numbing efficiency up to one hour.

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