Numb your skin before getting a tattoo or laser removal

July 15, 2017   657

You were excited to get your new tattoo two years ago, but now it doesn’t appeal to you. It happens with many people and they eventually decide to remove permanent ink from their body. The problem with this is; first, you had undergone a lot of pain to get it, and removing it is another painful process.Numb your skin before getting a tattoo or laser removal

It’s no big secret that getting tattoos and laser tattoo removal can both be painful processes. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use numbing cream to reduce the pain.

Laser technology has become a boon for those who want to get unwanted tattoos removed from their body. However, you need to know following facts before tattoo removal –

  • According to surveys, nearly 25-percent of people regret their decision to be tattooed.
  • Some people go for cover-up tattoos because tattoo removal wasn’t an option for them. About 5-percent of Americans have cover-up tattoos.
  • As the obsession with getting tattoos is increasing, the number of people who want to get their tattoo removed have also increased over the years. The number is higher for Middle-aged Americans who frequently seek aid to reverse their bad tattoo decisions.
  • The average cost to have a tattoo removed is around $600 and much more for bigger tattoos.

Numbing skin before laser removal

Despite the high cost and immense amount of pain, people are likely to get their tattoos removed, once decided. When it comes to laser removal, the pain can be excruciating, and many laser removal specialists refuse to perform the procedure without the client first applying numbing cream to his or her skin.

Dr. Numb is a highly trusted brand in the market which is used by many dermatologists and artists worldwide. It contains the safe amount of Lidocaine, as recommended by FDA, to reduce the painful dermal treatments.

It is over the counter numbing cream that can be purchased from any nearby pharmacy without a prescription.

How to Apply Numbing Cream

Applying numbing cream is simple – just clean the skin where you are going to remove tattoo from. Now, apply the cream on the skin with your fingers or a tongue depressor. When you’ve covered the entire area, wrap it in a seran wrap with masking tape around the edges to keep it tight.

When to Apply Numbing Cream

Timing is very crucial. Usually, it takes about half an hour to one hour for the numbing cream to work its magic. Therefore, you must consider applying it about an hour before the tattoo removal procedure.

Always ask your tattoo artist or laser practitioner, during your consultation, if they are okay with you using numbing cream.

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