Nose Piercing – The Five Lesser Known Facts You Cannot Miss

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In the recent years, nose piercing is something which has become increasingly popular. This type of body art is now famous all across the globe. From the South African tribes to numerous Asian communities, this art is being loved by people of all ages. But that’s not all! There are some unknown facts you must know about it. Find them here.

Nose Piercing

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Whether you visit a shopping mall or just spend a day at a beach, you will maximum number of people having one or the other kind of body art. While some of them love to have a tattoo, others prefer getting their body pierced. And this will definitely entice you. So, what you prefer?

One good option can be nose piercing. Yes, this is an ancient form, which is becoming more and more accepted these days. The reason can vary from person to person; however, most of them choose it as it is visible clearly to everyone. Now if you are seriously looking for this form, it will be better to learn some information about this piercing in advance.

Below are listed some lesser known facts, have a look:

 It is less painful!

Yes, it hurts, but when compared to other types of piercing, it is far better. It is similar to a pinch and a twinge. Hence, all you need to do is prepare yourself for the fact that a needle will go through your nostril. It will not be a pleasant job, but don’t get worried, it is bearable. Remember to close your eyes and avoid looking at it when the piercer is working.

It can be pulled out accidentally!

Yes, you read it right and it hurts when you do the same. Many of you might be surprised that how can someone accidentally remove a piercing as it is firmly fixed in your nostril? But it is possible, especially when the piercing is new.  For example, you just raise a hand and suddenly rub the end of your nose, and then you will get the little gem on the edge of my hand. It happens with many, you are not all alone.

There exist multiple types of metal piercing!

For now, you might have seen those typical studs, which come in a shape like an L, or those perhaps having a hoop. But have you heard of “nose screws”? Well, only few would have been known to this form. Also referred to curved nose studs, these are unlike the straight nose studs. With a bit of a curve to the tail, it is a good option as it makes harder for them to fall out by accident. However, it is harder and more painful to get them.

Cleaning it is bit difficult!

With any doubt, you need to keep it clean. For this, you would need to wash it several times a day. Wait! You can’t just wash it like a normal human being, i.e. washing your face with water and soap. It would be wrong and dangerous. Instead, you need a saline solution. Put your nose in the cup, blow out some bubbles into it, for around 60 seconds. Repeat it few times a day. While it would keep your piercing clean, it will also prevent it from being infected.

Blowing your nose can be difficult initially!

How to blow your nose? You learnt that when you were in kindergarten or earlier, isn’t it? But that time you didn’t have a pierced nose. Now when you have it, you have to learn it all over again. When you get it done and the piercing is still healing, it will hurt an awful lot to push against it. Especially, when you hold a tissue there!

One of the easiest ways to deal with such situation, i.e. when your nose gets itchy, rinse it out using a saline solution. Blow it normally and use a soft tissue.

Just like any other piercing, there are instances when a person might have some healing issues or some other complications. But this can be prevented through proper care. Also, make sure you choose the right parlor to get the job done in a right way!

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