New Trend Is Out; Constellation Piercing Is The Prettiest

November 22, 2016   390

Much the same like getting inked, piercing have turned into a more exceptional type of imaginative expression. Presently another trend in piercing has come up. We’ve seen individuals getting their ears pierced as starry groups of stars, and they’re awesome!

constellation piercing

The groups of piercings make up star groupings all decorated with studs, circles and gems. The man behind this trend is, Brian Keith Thompson, who have introduced the night sky as a good inspiration for piercing.

Another piercing trend is out with constellation piercing, it is one of the prettiest as indicated by the general population who have experienced it – must be one of the prettiest yet.

Designed by big name piercer Brian Keith Thompson, whose worked with A-list lobes, for example, Beyonce’s, the constellation piercing trend means clustering your hoops on your ear to imitate those popular stars in the sky.

Constellation Piercing

Group of stars piercing can be a fun approach to get a tad bit of the night’s sky on your skin, using star heavenly bodies as the design. You may choose to get a group of stars piercing because you adore stars and need a tattoo that will look fascinating and special.

This new trend proves that having (at least five) piercings around your face can be corporate-office proper, the length of you keep it dainty and rich. I think about whether I can reproduce a Gemini group of stars on my ears.

To find a Reputable Piercing Artist, follow the below given steps;

  • Ask friends or family who have done piercing
  • Go to piercing traditions
  • Set up an interview with the piercer
  • Read reviews about the piercing artist and look at their past work

Here are a few earrings to help you create your own ear constellation.

  • Shooting Star is the best idea if you are much galaxy-inspired person.
  • Keep it simple and elegant with this little line of studs.
  • If you love multiple clustered piercings, then Tiny skulls is the best.
  • Olivia Earring Pack is also a good way to decorate your whole ear.
  • Add a tiny bit of glitz with these Baby Diamond

Note: No matter which constellation piercing type you pick, do not forget to take precautions in order to feel the procedure less painful. Do apply Dr. Numb on the area, where the piercing is needed to be done, in order to make the area numb.


To get a constellation piercing, you ought to locate a trustworthy piercing artist and make the piercing design with them. You can then get the piercing in a protected situation so you have a plan that is perfectly done on your body.

Isn’t the constellation piercing prettiest? Just get it done quickly and do let us know your feedback in a below given comment box.

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