What to Do If My New Tattoo is Infected?

November 15, 2016   589

Know here the signs telling that your new tattoo is infected.

A tattoo infection is determined by swelling, pus, intense pain and even fever. There are many reasons making your tattoo infected, from handling it with dirty hands, unhygienic condition, and inferior ink to hit your tattoo. As bruising and swelling is common in fresh tattoo case, it is difficult to figure out the infection possibility. However, prolong swelling, pus discharging and redness indicated toward the infection.

Infected Tattoo

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How to Know If Your Tattoo is Infected?

It is normal to have bruising or swelling on new tattoo due to the healing process of the body. But if the pain is intolerable and there are intense scabs developing on your tattoo, it is the sign of serious infections.

Here are the things that points toward the tattoo infection:

  • Swelling increases over 4 to five days
  • Tattoo is hot to touch for more days
  • Golden or yellow pus being discharged
  • Intolerably unpleasant smell
  • Extreme pain over 4-5 days
  • Blistering or sores filled with fluids
  • Increased scab size
  • Fever and weakness
  • Redness

Steps You Must Take If Your Tattoo is Infected:

  • First and foremost, you must wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water. Dry them with clean towel. This is essential to avoid the passing on the germs to the tattooed area from your hands.
  • Wash off the fluid and pus of the tattoo with warm water with your hands. Make sure to dry your tattoo thereafter.
  • Use salt water solution to rinse your tattoo. To make saline solution, add 2 tbsp. of salt to a one liter of water, stir well. Now, you can use that solution to rinse your tattoo.
  • Gently wash the dust, crusts and other foreign particles. But you must not scrub the scabs as it will spoil your tattoo and affect the healing process.
  • Dry it completely as wetness can create a problem later.
  • Use only the ointment being prescribed by doctor or suggested by your tattoo artist.
  • Keep your tattoo covered while being in dirty and dusty environment. Also consider wrapping while tattoo is moist or you’re sleeping. You can also keep the cover on while wearing clothes to avoid rubbing or snuggling.
  • Make sure to keep the tattoo come into air contact in clean surrounding.
  • Protect your tattoo from direct sun exposure.

Note:If the symptoms are excessively sever or beyond your control, see your physician immediately.

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