Needle Free Topical Botox

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Botox is a popular but painful dermatological procedure to get over skin imperfections like aging, wrinkles, lines and other visible skin problems. But Botox is indeed a painful procedure since it involves the use of needles. Although there are ways to reduce the Botox pain but still it is not possible to completely eliminate the pain and trauma experienced during the Botox treatment.

Needle Free Topical Botox

The following blog is about the painless ways to BOTOX and a brief intro about the new techniques for needle frees topical Botox.

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Well, everything in the world has a big price to pay for that can be in the form of money, time or efforts. So, if you have an unending desire for a flawless skin you will have to spend on expensive cosmetic products, treatments and also undergo the excruciating pain felt in these treatments.
Botox is one such treatment for people who are obsessed to have good looks at any cost.

How Is It Done?

Botox is one of the most commonly done procedures in derma clinics by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for removing fine lines and wrinkles off a person’s face. In this, chemicals are introduced in the skin with the help of a needle. Many celebrities have even adapted for such procedures and that’s why Botox has become popular.
The effect of Botox lasts for at least 5-6 months after a session of 20-28 units.

Need Of Topical Anesthetics

The Botox involves the use of needle which is penetrated inside the skin to introduce chemicals which is indeed a painful process. Therefore, dermatologists recommend use of topical anesthetics for giving this procedure to their customers.
Numbing cream is one of the most safe and highly recommended solutions by dermatologists for a painless Botox. It has been clinically tested for its safety and effectiveness for skin procedures. It contains 5% lidocaine which is the highest amount allowed by FDA for use in topical numbing creams. It is one of the most popular numbing creams used in US and Canada. Many renowned personalities and celebs also recommend the use of Dr numb cream due to its effectiveness to numb the part of the skin being treated. In all, Dr Numb is a highly trusted, used and recommended cream in the market.
Dr. Numb numbing cream is used by beauty artists, doctors, and tattoo artists for giving a painless beauty treatment to their patients. It is used while giving injection shots, immunization, permanent tattoo, waxing, piercings and dermabrasion/microdermabrasion.
It is not just used to cut off pain during the skin procedures but also used during body pain like shoulder pain, migraine etc. it is applied at the site of the pain to relieve the excessive pain.

Tips for Pain-Free Botox Procedures:

Avoid the unnecessary panic before the Botox treatment. More anxiety will only create more fear in the mind about getting the Botox injection. You can talk to your doctor and clarify your doubts.
Apply some ice over the part of the skin receiving the Botox injection. This will numb the skin portion and make the injection pain bearable for you.
Use Dr. Numb topical anesthetic cream before the treatment starts for long-lasting numbness. You can rub the numbing cream gently over the area around one hour before the treatment. The numbing effect of Dr numb cream lasts for around 3-4 hours which is good enough to keep you off the excessive pain.

Needle Free Topical Botox

A new way to do Botox is being researched over which will be done without needles. It’s yet not publically available but clinical tests have been done for a new topical botulinum toxin type A and have found to give positive results. This new type of Botox doesn’t require use of any injections and can be applied to the skin and the potions of the skin to be treated for wrinkles.
But many doctors aren’t convinced for its effectiveness over Botox with injections. May be the needless Botox will be preferred by the ones who cannot afford to bear the injection pain.

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