What You Must Know About Navel Piercing?

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Summary:What You Must Know About Navel Piercing

Nearly 33% of American women are having navel piercing! It clearly means that it is the most popular piercing spot for the women. If you are thinking to get belly button piercing, here are the things to keep in mind.

Navel piercing is the stylish piercing and adds to your oomph factor. You look so amazing when you flaunt belly button while wearing crop top. This is why it is the most popular piercing location with nearly 33% American women having it. Good thing is that it is one of the least painful body piercing. However, it can’t be denied that belly button piercing is vulnerable to infections and swelling caused by negligible aftercare or jewellery choice.

This is why you need to know the basic things associated with the belly button piercing. Let’s start with the types of belly button piercing first!

Types of Navel Piercing

Navel piercing is categorised according to the placement on the body, for example….

  • Upper Rim:

It is placed on the top of the navel ring.

  • Lower Rim:

It is at the bottom of the navel ring.

  • Sides:

It can be done anywhere in between the upper and lower navel ring.

How Painful is Navel Piercing?

You don’t need to worry about that! Navel piercing is one of the least painful piercing types and won’t make you scream. However, your pain level may be different from your friend having piercing last week. If pain is the concern, use Dr. Numb numbing cream an hour before the procedure. The numbing effect dulls the nerve endings so that they can’t send pain signal to the brain. In this way, you can feel confident to undergo piercing session.

Cost of Belly Button Piercing

Cost of belly button piercing is determined by the jewellery and the artist. However, rates are not same, making a room for negotiation. If you have your own belly button ring, the cost of piercing should not be more than $25-30. Whatever you decide, make sure to choose only the professional artist for belly button piercing.

Choosing Right Artist is Must:

Did you know? Navel piercing is riskier next to the piercing near eye. You are vulnerable to infection and scarring, if your piercing goes wrong. This is why you must look for professional piercing artist for your navel piercing. All you need to make a research to find the right one. If you have shortlisted the artist, visit the studio prior to your appointment to see if the room looks clean and smell clean. See if they have disposable or washable covering and surgical instruments to do piercing.

How Belly Button Piercing is Done?

  1. A professional artist always washes his hands and wears the gloves, besides using surgical equipment for piercing.
  2. An artist sterilises your belly button by using surgical scrub and solution.
  3. He grasps the part of the skin and use needle to puncture it.
  4. The needle will be attached with a belly button ring.
  5. It’s all done! You are ready to flaunt your belly button piercing.

Aftercare is Must. Please Don’t Skip It!

Belly button piercing is not that painful, but can be vulnerable to swellings, redness and other risks. This is why it is essential to follow the precautions for your freshly pierced belly button.

  • Use saline water or sea salt spray to clean your piercing
  • Avoid touching or playing with your jewellery every now and then
  • Wash your hands before handling the navel piercing or the jewellery.
  • Don’t remove the jewellery every now and then; wait for at least 2 months to remove your jewellery. If you take out the jewellery, the healing process of the body can close the piercing gauge, making difficult for you to wear the jewellery again.
  • Prefer loose clothes as tight clothes or their fabrics can snuggle with the jewellery while wearing or putting off the clothes.
  • Don’t lie on your stomach while sleeping. Instead, try to sleep on your back.
  • Watch for the signs of the infection including redness, increased pain, warm and discoloured drainage.

What You Must Avoid?

  • Don’t use thick ointments as they can cut the air supply to the piercing area
  • Don’t apply alcohol, hand sanitizer, perfume soap or peroxide to clean your navel piercing, as they are harsh and cause irritation.
  • Don’t wear heavy jewellery or barbells which can stretch the skin, causing pain.
  • Don’t swim in pool, ocean and lake. Don’t take hot tub bath either. Because the contact with unclean water can infect and irritate your fresh navel piercing.

So this is all about essential things you must know about navel piercing. In short, choose good artist, use Dr. Numb numbing cream and follow the aftercare to make your belly button piercing looks best, away from infections and other unwanted signs.

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