What You Must Know About Tragus Piercing?

August 26, 2016   1446

Looking for tragus piercing? If yes, here are the things you must know about tragus piercing to ensure great style and safety as well.

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 Tragus piercing looks trendy and lets you go beyond the traditional ear piercing styles. Arguably, Scarlett Johnson is the first celebrity to spot with the tragus piercing. Having your tragus pierced really looks cool, not to mention the unique style you enjoy with it. You may be exciting to get it. Wait, before that, you must know several things about tragus piercing which are related to the process and aftercare.

Where is Tragus?

The tragus is your external ear part which is located outside the ear canal. It is parallel to the concha.

Pain Level in Tragus Piercing:

Body piercing, whether it’s big or small, comes with a pain which may be a sting or the bigger than it. Well, the pain level in piercing depends on the location of your body and the presence of the nerve endings. Good news is that tragus piecing is the least painful, especially when you choose the professional piercer for that. You may feel a pinch or stinging, though the pain would very low.

Tragus is the thicker cartilage skin, the piercing may require bit pressure than other ear piercing. You need to follow the instruction of your piercer. They make you lie down and clean the area and keep a cork in your ear canal to prevent the damage. He or she may use a curved or straight hollow needle to penetrate the skin area. 

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How to Aftercare Your Tragus Piercing?

Any piercing requires care to be free from the infection and swelling, and tragus piercing is no exception. Caring for the tragus piercing is extremely important for its healing. Proper piercing caring will speed up the healing time, or else your tragus piercing may be prone to the risks like infection.

And you don’t need to invest your time and labor as tragus piercing requires little care. Make sure you wash your hand before touching or removing your tragus piercing. Use saline water solution to clean the jewelry. Keep the tragus and surrounding area clean to avoid the infection chances. Always choose the right jewelry which may be made of surgical stainless steel, platinum and nickel free.

Take Care of Infections: Like other piercings, tragus piercing can be prone to infections with poor or no after care. The infection signs in tragus can be noticeable in the forms of redness, swelling, bleeding, yellow or green puss. These can be treated at home by using warm water, tea tree oil or other home remedies. Please see the doctor, if the infection signs persist.

Can You Do it Yourself? Piercing is risky and can damage your skin, if gone wrong. You must not take a chance if you’re not confident or expert in it. Seeking a professional for piercing always makes sense as it minimizes the associated risks. Always choose the good professional for piercing.

So, these are the things you must know about tragus piercing for enjoying risk free tragus styles.

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