What You Must Consider to Get Tattoo with a Good and Safe Tattoo Ink?

November 10, 2016   374

Tattoo inks are said to be unsafe for a health. However, you can avoid the risks by choosing the right ink. And here are the several steps to do it.

Tattoo Ink For New Tattoo

Did you know? Nearly 36% of Americans adults carry at least one tattoo. It means that nearly one in five people have a tattoo. So tattoos are popular throughout the country. However, they are not free from several concerns which are often related with health hazard. And ink being used in tattoos is one of them.

Since tattoo inks are not regulated by FDA, it is obvious to be suspicious about the ingredients used in them. According to FDA, tattoo inks may cause allergic reactions, itchiness, bumps and other health concerns. The food and drug regulating body further says that it has “received reports of bad reactions to tattoo inks right after tattooing or even years later.”

Is there any way to choose the safe ink for our health? Yes, you can choose tattoo ink with minimal risks for your health with the following points.

  • Check Material Safety Data Sheets for each of the ingredient or color component used in the ink. The data sheets contain the safety and health reaction of each substance.
  • You must check the skin compatibility of the ink to ensure that the ink is safe on your skin. In other words, you must perform a skin test even if a tattoo artist is considering it safe.
  • Inks which contain glycerine, ethanol, and purified water rather than toxic chemicals are safer.
  • You can choose the ink that contains nontoxic elements for colors like carbon for black; titanium dioxide for white; dioxazine and carbazole for purple. Stay away from red pigments containing iron oxide, cinnabar, or cadmium red.
  • Don’t use the ink containing neon or vibrantly colored elements, which can be more toxic than other pigments.
  • Vegan tattoo inks are safe. Several ink brands like StartBrite, and SkinCandy offer vegan ink that is free from animal cruelty.
  • Always choose reputable tattoo ink manufacturer.
  • Consider buying ink in sets as to avoid the adverse reaction with each other while applying. The balance of colors is the other reason to buy ink in sets to make the color palettes work well.

Apart from above mentioned points, you must choose a good and experienced tattoo artist as he or she uses quality ink with all precautions. Ask your tattoo artist about the brand and color of the tattoo ink he is going to use.


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