Monroe piercing- You way to classy look!

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Looking for a unique and fashionable way to pierce your body? What about having a Monroe piercing? Yes, it is less found and offers you an extremely classy look. Find out more details about this piercing style here.Monroe piercing- You way to classy look!

Piercings are not new to the world of fashion. This form of body art has made it presence for decades and it continues with the same zeal.

Yes, people love being getting pierced and are they are always in search of something new. If you are also yearning for an exclusive way to pierce, then there is a solution to pierce your lip which can make you stand out of the crowd.  Being incredibly classy, Monroe piercing is all you need to get done.

What is Monroe piercing?

While many individuals might not be aware of this type of piercing, you need to know that it is named after the amazingly talented and beautiful actress, Marilyn Monroe. It is also known as the Madonna or Crawford piercing as it is located in the same area as their beauty marks.

Basically, the Monroe piercing is just located above the upper lip, to the side where it is put, giving it the name. Usually, a labret stud is used to pierce the chin area. People, who want to have a type of piercing which is unique and has extraordinary appeal, can go for this type. With that black and rounded stud, it appears similar to a beauty mark.

Is Monroe piercing painful?

Just like any other piercing, it will cause some amount of pain. Now how much it pains, will depend on your threshold level and the artist you choose to get pierced. The best alternative to this pain would be using a topical anaesthetic cream beforehand. You can count on Dr. Numb, a numbing solution which blocks the pain signal at nerve endings. Hence, you can make it painless easily. 

How to treat your skin after Monroe Piercing?

Yes, after getting a Monroe Piercing done, there are good chances for you to experience some swelling. For this, you can alleviate the pain by using the same numbing cream or putting some ice on the pierced area. Another thing you need to be very careful for is how to keep it clean and away from infection.

As piercing is not very different from a wound, healing of the new job done will include the secretion of a yellowish fluid made up of dead cells and blood plasma. When this fluid dries, it leaves you with a crusty substance on the surface of the area. To clean this gently, you will need a brush with soft bristles. There might be some cases where crust appears on the skin above your upper lip. To clean this, you can wash it with some warm water and anti-bacterial soap.

Be careful and enjoy safe Monroe piercing!


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