Mixed Reviews About Electrolysis Process

August 07, 2018   786

Electrolysis hair removal is an approach to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. The process of electrolysis is around us since a long time and has left many people with positive reviews. The entire process of electrolysis is authorized by the FDA for permanent hair removal. There are few limitations too regarding electrolysis, but when measured on its pros and cons, electrolysis is an effective treatment to get away with undesired hair growth.

The process is costly, so it is recommended to read the experiences of people who underwent this treatment in prior to going ahead with the electrolysis process.

  • Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

“I did it for a year and have loved the results. 10/10, would do again.

First, I tried laser hair removal. Fair skin/dark hair, the perfect candidate. After 18 months, I had 100% re-growth and zero reduction. Money and time wasted.

Then I tried electrolysis. I’ve had 98% hair reduction that is totally permanent. There are a few stubborn hairs on my chin (<5) that I’m having to deal with but otherwise, it worked and has been long lasting.”

  • The process of Electrolysis explained

“My technician used a thin needle-like wire that she inserted down into the follicle shaft, then sent a pulse through. She’d then do 3-5 hair follicles like that, pause, and remove the dead hair from the shaft with a pair of tweezers.

So, unlike laser, you leave your appointment completely free of hair! No waiting around for it to fall out naturally or shed over the weeks. It’s immediate. You are a bit pink for the next 30-60 minutes, and my tech gave me a cold witch hazel compress to reduce it.”

  • Electrolysis- Not so effective

“I think it’s worthwhile if you’re doing a small area such as your face but if you’re planning to clear a bigger area I think it’s just too expensive & time-consuming.

Plus it’s only permanent if the person is good at what they do/do it right, you have to be careful who you go to. I had the trail underneath my belly button done & every single hair ended up growing back.”

  • Why laser hair removal is preferred over electrolysis

“Personally I would recommend laser hair removal to any- and everyone who can get a good result out of it. That means people with light skin and dark hair, more or less, because it is on those that it is most effective (there are chemical alternatives for those with lighter hair and/or darker skin). Seeing as I am one of those light skinned + dark haired people I have had a really good result so far (I’ve done underarms, though not all the sessions I need yet due to the cost) and I am just so happy with it already even if it’s not done.

There’s definitely still hair growth (and more than what is meant to be left after all sessions) but shaving it off has become much quicker and easier + the result is better and lasts for much longer between shaves.”

  • Numbing Cream plays an important part in process of electrolysis

“I’ve had it done a few times: upper lip, bikini and armpit.

I HIGHLY recommend buying numbing cream. Some places won’t help you unless you have numbed the area for at least an hour before your appointment.

I think I bought packages when I went. I think they were: Armpit – 8 sessions

Bikini – 5 sessions

Upper lip – 8 sessions

I did it because I was spending so much money on waxing when I thought, in the long run, it would be better to just do laser. I did this all while I still lived at home so I had no other huge expenses.”

Going ahead with electrolysis and worried about the pain? Then get Dr. Numb topical anaesthetic numbing cream containing 5% lidocaine effective enough to numb the affected area, thereby making the entire electrolysis process painless.

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