Minimalistic Tattoos- the trend gets trendier!

February 10, 2016   1114

Thinking of a tattoo, but afraid to commit to one? The good news is that now you don’t necessarily need to have those big or intricate designs. Yes, you can make a unique style statement with subtle and minimalistic designs which appear far edgier than those huge meaningless patterns.

By the time you landed on this page, there are high chances that tattoos are sitting on priority in your to-do list from quite some time. Isn’t it?

Well that’s great! Tattoos have been a favorite form of body art, loved equally by men and women all across the globe. Besides the stereotype surrounding this beautiful form of art, tattooing has been in trend for years, and it continues with a boom. However, what has changed in the recent years is that people have been putting off the garish and bold designs. While it is ones personal choice to move with some specific style, design and color, but nowadays more and more number of people are looking forward for something that truly represents their attitude. And thus, the new era of tattooing comes forth with simple, voguish and elegant style- minimalist tattoos.

Wait, if you are choosing them for a reason that they a small, will cause you less pain or just for a reason, that they are high in trends, you have half of the information. Inking your body with minimalist designs whether those geometric shapes or the delicate patterns, doesn’t mean that you are going meaningless. Yes, these shapes and symbols too have a meaning. Explore here what these tattoos say:


diamond tattoo
They are well known to be a girl’s best friend. While buying them is something you have been doing since ages, what about having it engraved this time! This little gem just proves your instinct, which shines forever, just like a diamond. You can adore it anywhere, on your wrist, finger, neck or anywhere else you love to.

Wedding rings:

This is a beautiful option for the couple too much in love. It is quite simple, but will add more spark to your relation. Really, it means that you are meant to be together and forever.  With a wedding ring tattoo on your finger, you can express those unsaid words for each other. Just a simple line with an elegant knuckle option and it is sufficient to tie your pair with love, affection and passion.

Say smile: Say smile
This is one is a must have if you’re a photographer. But apart that it is something you can do it for yourself too. Meaning is simple, to smile now and forever. And also make others smile by your words, actions, and much more. So, spread smiles wherever you go with the beautiful minimalist tattoo design.

Crossed Branches:

Crossed Branches

Wish to make people turn and
admire you, wherever you go?
Then this tattoo design is meant
for you. While you may not be
able to be in awe of this tattoo
directly, as it looks best on the
back of your arm, however when
everyone passing on the street
will appreciate it, your dream comes



HeartbeatsAnother tattoo idea for the couples! You complement each other well and therefore, it is necessary you both have tattoo complementing intensely. Isn’t it quite fascinating? And yes, it is a meaningful tattoo which comes with subtle and very spiffy designs. You can also combine it with a shape of a heart, it will look more graceful.

Whatever the reason is to get a tattoo, you can consider these ideas. Not only these are charming and captivating, but also they carry along a meaning!


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