What is Microneedling? How does it help in Skin Rejuvenation?

November 08, 2016   707

Everyone wants a clear, beautiful and flawless skin for a youthful appearance. Due to increasing pollution and skin sensitivities, there is always need to take extra care for preventing skin from losing its natural glow and fairness. People use many kinds of skin care products, but they are effective only for some time. Microneedling is also a most talked topic these days for rejuvenating skin, which involves treating the skin with microneedles for stimulating collagen production in the skin.

Microneedling - Skin Rejuvenation

In this process, small needles are used to create controlled and micro channels in the skin to produce new collagen and elastin. Micro needling is helpful for wrinkles, skin ageing, scars, stretch marks, acnes, and hair loss.

Microneedling can be performed at home and it doesn’t require special training and equipment. You will need an approved derma roller and topical anesthetic cream to lessen the pain during the process. To get most out of the microneedling skin treatment, one has to try it multiple times. The needling sessions also depend on the particular skin conditions of a patient. But there should be a gap between treatments so that the injured skin gets appropriate time to recover. Usually, after skin needling, the skin reddens, but it heals gradually.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine line are mainly caused due to loss of collagen and moisture in the skin. If done properly, microneedling is effective in these skin problems. It works by improving growth of collagen which results in tightening and thickening of the treated skin.

Skin Aging     

Microneedling is a non-surgical technique for skin care, and when considering anti-aging treatments, it is also very helpful. It is a great way to increase thickness and restore firmness of the skin. It involves puncturing the skin which further builds up the skin cells.


In the case of treating scars, micro needling is a proven method. It destroys abnormal formation of scar tissues to enhance collagen and elastin production for healthy skin.      

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are generated due to excessive stretching of the skin. The process of treating stretch marks includes production of collagen fibers and new elastin in the skin. After micro needling, these marks fill in gradually, but it needs time to see results. It works by healing the tears in the dermis which are responsible for stretch marks.  

Microneedling is an invasive method for skin care which doesn’t involve much pain. It is one of the newest and most effective skin treatments available, and can be carried out at home, but needs proper consultation of an expert. It is effective for all types of skin and improvements can be seen in a few days of initial treatment.

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