3 Things To Consider Before Choosing Microdermabrasion For Men

February 01, 2017   651

Nowadays microdermabrasion treatments are well known to be an excellent way to keep your skin looking at its youthful best. But before it comes to booking a microdermabrasion session, there are many important things to consider. Find out them here.3 Things To Consider Before Choosing Microdermabrasion For Men

Since 2005 microdermabrasion has been in the top 5 of the cosmetic procedure list. Basically originated in Europe in the mid 1980’s, the process was first introduced in 1997 into the United States. Primarily performed with a microdermabrasion machine, the process is performed by a dermatologist at a med spa. Though there are at-home machine facilities too, yet it is advised to consult experts always. Hence, if having microdermabrasion is a consideration for you, it is a well known process across the world and is extremely popular among women. And now, even men are going gaga over this method.

Yes, who says men need to resort from cosmetic procedures to deal with their apparent imperfections? When women can do it, the men can too. Often, it is found that men lack basic skin hygiene and it is that same consistently poor skin hygiene which them leads to the creation of dead cells in men’s facial skin. Hence, giving them a very dull look!

Not anymore! Microdermabrasion can be a simple and easy solution to all your problems. Being a quite effective method for treating facial acne, pores and pits, it is now a preferred choice of every man. However, there are 3 major things you must know about microdermabrasion for men.

Understanding the process is important…

Before you head off to pay for sessions at a nearby parlor, it is highly recommended to understand the different details. Primarily it entails the general buffing away of the topmost layer of skin. It works on the layer which consists of the dead skin cells. And after the sessions you are left with a fresh and rejuvenated look. Luckily, nowadays there are many options, including salon treatments, home remedies such as scrubs and creams.  As far as home remedies are concerned, it involves usage of creams which exfoliate the skin. It doesn’t include abrading of upper surface.

It is not Botox…

It is often confused with Botox treatment. Remember, microdermabrasion facial leaves you with a rejuvenated look, but this cannot be equated with something like botox. The latter is said to be highly effective in treating the minutest of furrow in your brow. Regardless of all the benefits, the results of two cannot be compared.

The benefits and Risks…

When it comes to benefits of microdermabrasion, the best part is that it is a painless procedure. Reason being, it targets the epidermis, i.e. the layer of skin which is closest to the topmost layer. All the actions of microdermabrasion occur at the stratum corneum level, not at the lower dermis level.  So you don’t need to worry for any irrevocable damage for your skin.

One thing more, microdermabrasion treatment for men is identical to that of women. There is a difference in the after effects just due to the reason that men’s skin differ.

As far as the risks are concerned, microdermabrasion might lead to irrevocable skin damage when not performed by a qualified aesthetician. Besides, there is no real risk of this amazing procedure. It is little painful. But that’s not a big deal. You can count on any numbing solution, like Dr. Numb, which simplify the session and make it painless. Being a topical anesthetic cream it carries 5% lidocaine and if FDA approved. So, you can go for it!

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