5 Amazing Ways Microdermabrasion Heal Your Skin

February 06, 2017   553

Do you know that it is now possible to take years off your appearance? Yes, your dream to look young and beautiful comes true with microdermabrasion treatment. Explore some amazing facts about this specially formulated method which exfoliate dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin.5 Amazing Ways Microdermabrasion Heal Your Skin

For those who have been looking for an anti-ageing skin treatment, microdermabrasion is certainly a blessing. While the process has been gaining popularity over the passing years, it is the ease of operation and the countless benefits which makes it a preferred choice.

Basically, the procedure has the potential to meet the numerous cosmetic objectives such as reduction of wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, acne, scars and stretch marks. And for this, both men and women, seems to be fond of this dermal process. Moreover, it is one of the quickest and most non-invasive anti-ageing treatments available these days. Besides, there are many other interesting facts about microdermabrasion. Let’s have a look:

Around a million procedures every year- the number is really big!

Will you believe that in the year 2014, more than 870, 000 microdermabrasion procedures were carried out! Not only this, around 417, 000 procedures were done that year in USA alone. And for this reason, microdermabrasion was declared the 5th most popular cosmetic procedure by ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

A youthful appearance- it tricks your skin into being younger!

Stress, hectic working schedules, sun exposure, frowning, and there are many other factors which contribute to prematurely ageing skin. Though you might be investing in expensive creams and lotions, yet these won’t seem to do the job. Right? You can choose microdermabrasion over the other methods as it acts as a facial exercise and have proven to help tighten the skin. As the process includes crystals being sprayed onto the surface of the skin, it helps scraping off the dead cells, leaving you with a fresh new layer of skin. Actually, the loss of skin cells is treated as an injury which further leads to production of new skin cells and collagen for firmer and smoother appearance. Thus, after every session you get a tight skin and newer look.

The process is smooth- it doesn’t hurt!

If you have been keeping yourself away from this process just for a reason that it is highly painful, no more you need to worry. No doubt the process includes your skin peeled off with crystals and it will pain. But applying a topical anaesthetic cream the problem can be solved easily. You can go for Dr. Numb which carries 5% lidocaine and block the pain signal to carry out microdermabrasion process. Hence, you can ease out the discomfort easily.

It is less time consuming- you just need 30 minutes to get it done!

Contrary to other popular dermal procedures, microdermabrasion is quick and effective. Do you know that it is also famous with the name “lunchtime face lift”, as it can be done just in 15 – 30 minutes? Hence, it is making life easy for those who work and have an active social life. You don’t need to invest much time. What makes it more amazing is that microdermabrasion comes with no downtime after the procedure. So, one can resume the work and switch back to normal, day-to-day activities.

Blend with other methods- go one step ahead with a chemical peel!

Unlike other dermal procedures, microdermabrasion allows you to perform other process side by side. You can go for chemical peels to produce varying results with your skin. When a chemical solution is applied to the skin, the “blistering” effect will help produce more astounding results. Actually, when coupled together with a chemical peel, results are enhanced. Reasob being, microdermabrasion will take care of the topmost layer of your skin, and on the other hand the chemical peel permate your skin. Hence, giving a deeper heal to your skin. Thus, it is possible to get rid of minor skin imperfections and soften deep wrinkles, altogether.

What are you waiting for? For the removal of dead and damaged cells from the top layer of your skin, now count on microdermabrasion.

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