Micro-dermabrasion – Does It Work For Acne Scars

October 30, 2014   1552

Although micro-dermabrasion works well for most people, many think twice before opting for it; they feel that it may harm their skin. Let us tell you that it does not really harm your skin in any manner. That’s just a myth propagated by misinformed users. Read on to learn more.

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Those of you, who suffer from terrible acne problems or have terrible pox marks all over the body, may find micro dermabrasion a great remedy for the removal of scars and other skin marks. However, many of you may still wonder whether it is really helpful in diminishing those marks and making your skin glow all over again. Let’s make an effort to find out the answer in this post —

  1. Micro-dermabrasion helps in the removal of the top layer of skin, thereby stimulating the collagen and encouraging the growth of a new layer of skin.
  2. Since, in this case, the old layer of skin gives way to a new one, the enlarged pores, the acne marks, uneven skin tones and the sunburns, which generally are a part of the top layer, recede and gives way to flawless and even skin tone.
  3. Besides, it has been scientifically proven that micro-dermabrasion helps to treat all the superficial acne marks and scars over the skin as, with prolonged use, it scratches off the thin top layer of the skin, which is generally the sight of all skin problems.
  4. Yes, micro-dermabrasion works if you follow the before and after instructions! It helps you to get your youthful smooth skin with a genial luster and smaller pores, reduces the fine lines and wrinkles and makes you feel the vibe of youth all over again.
  5. If you are worried about the pain, let us tell you that Dr Numb can effectively make micro-dermabrasion pain free.

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