Why Men Need To Wax

July 13, 2017   646

When it is about hairless skin, it is not only the women who need it always. Men too are look-conscious these days. And do you know waxing is beneficial for men? Find out more interesting detail here.Why Men Need To Waxing

Just imagine the vision of a man in a tight swimsuit, with those huge swathes of pubic hair peeking from between his thighs. Isn’t that weird?  What about a mono-brow or those hairy nostrils? Surely, these aren’t considered attractive for the male species.

So, even men need waxing. Do you know it’s estimated that about one in three men regularly for hair removal for their backs, chests, legs or pubic regions? It is also termed as “maxing”, i.e. male waxing, and is arguably the best way to make the hairy back clean,  the mono-brow two, and the hirsute chest hairless.

Why men need wax?

Gone are the days when men preferred methods like shaving, creaming or plucking. Wax has replaced these successfully due to following reasons;

  • Long lasting: The areas that are made hairless with waxing remain so for up to eight weeks. And even the hair which grows back is softer and less coarse. Reason being, hair is taken out at the root, not like the other methods such as opposed to shaving where just the surface of the hair is removed.
  • Better Results: The usage of wax acts as an exfoliant. It removes all the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. It helps revealing smoother and peachier skin in its place. Therefore, after waxing session they are left with significantly smoother skin.
  • Safer: There are men who find that use of razors and depilatory creams is not safe. Actually, they act as an irritant to their skin, hence, causing those nasty cuts, razor-rashes, and other damages. As compared to other methods, waxing is smoother and kinder.

So, waxing is beneficial, it helps save money, time, and effort in the long run. Just make sure that for waxing to work, it is done correctly. It is advised to visit a cosmetologist or waxologist who is experienced in carrying out the process.

What? Fearing from the pain caused during waxing?

What to do for painless waxing?

Men, who fear for pain, don’t need to worry a lot now. You can easily cut down on the pain by using Dr. Numb. Being a lidocaine based topical anesthetic cream; it can be used for all sorts of dermal procedures. It works by blocking pain signal up to great extent. Causing a numbing sensation, it can make waxing a painless process.

You can buy it over the counter, i.e. without any medical prescription. Just remember, you need to apply it at least one hour before you head off for waxing session. So, now you can go hairless, whenever you want.


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