How to Make Ear Piercing Less Painful for Kids?

October 19, 2016   458

Regardless of the age, ear piercing is said to cause pain. And when it is about their children, parents are highly concerned. So, if you have a baby and plan to take him for piercing, here is something useful for you. Find out.

 Kids Piercing Kids Piercing

The biggest fear any mother is to see her child crying in pain, isn’t it? I still remember the day when I got my elder daughter ears pierced. She was 7, and she cried badly, similar to an over-sized baby. Three days she was miserably in pain, didn’t take her meal properly, and lots more. Yes, this was no less than a disaster that she walked around with just one ear pierced for three months.

Without a doubt, the memory kept on floating around my head and even I didn’t have much interest and courage to take her back to the piercer to get the other ear pierced. It was a big problem unless one of my friends suggested me Dr. Numb. It was easy to use and great to work. Seriously, it made my daughter feel pain free throughout the process and healing period.

Actually, it carries 5% lidocaine which is highest and safest amount allowed. This element is said to block the pain signals and make dermal procedures pain-free. It was highly effective in our case. In case you are taking your kids for piercing, Dr. Numb can be applied.  Also, here are some advices to follow after piercing is done. Have a look:

Post Piercing Care and Precautions

  • Avoid touching the pierced part. In case, you have to do it for any reasons, make sure you properly clean your hands. Use a disinfectant or soap for this purpose.
  • Ensure the earrings you choose don’t cause any allergies. As these have to be worn continuously for around six months, select the best quality and avoid wearing tight earrings.
  • If you feel any swelling or signs of allergies, consult your piercer. And if the problem seems to increase, get into the contact of a doctor immediately.
  • Playing sports which need wearing of helmet or activities like swimming can be avoided for a few weeks.
  • You need to be careful while the child is sleeping.

So, now you will be able to manage pain and make it a happy moment for you both. Stay happy and pain-free!

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