Let’s Check It Out; How Does types of Electrolysis Work

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To see how electrolysis functions, it is imperative to comprehend what it is that electrolysis does. Electrolysis isn’t a surface removal system like shaving. How the electrolysis system does its work is by annihilating the underlying foundations of unwanted hairs with an electric current. The end result is that the unwanted hairs don’t become back.


There are various distinctive methods for electrolysis for lasting hair removal, and every one capacities in an alternate way. The most ideal approach to see how electrolysis does its work is to end up mindful of how the distinctive sorts of electrolysis work. Three of the most widely recognized sorts of electrolysis are the Galvanic, thermolysis, and mix methods.

How Does Galvanic Electrolysis Work?

Galvanic electrolysis includes sending a DC current of power specifically to the foundation of an unwanted hair through a needle that is embedded into the follicle of the affected hair. As the DC current goes through the follicle, a chemical response happens. This compound response produces sodium hydroxide, which pulverizes the hair follicle itself.

How Does Thermolysis Electrolysis Work?

With the thermolysis method of electrolysis, a needle is again embedded into the follicle of an unwanted hair. Nonetheless, the electrical current that is sent through the needle is an AC current with thermolysis. Unwanted hair demolition does not result from a chemical reaction with thermolysis. Rather, as the AC current goes through the needle, the subsequent vibration warms the water atoms encompassing the hair follicles. The resulting heat harms the hair follicle, in a perfect world anticipating future hair development.

An essential advantage of thermolysis over the Galvanic technique for electrolysis is that it doesn’t take as long. In any case, a noteworthy disadvantage is that the thermolysis technique for hair removal is that it is not as dependable as the Galvanic methods.

How Does Blend Electrolysis Work?

Mix electrolysis, as the name means, merges both the Galvanic and thermoloysis methods into a single electrolysis technique. With the mix strategies, a needle is again embedded into the follicle of an unwanted hair. But, both AC and DC currents are passed through the needle in the meantime. This strategy works rapidly furthermore has viable permanent hair removal results.

Extra Factors for Understanding How Electrolysis Does its Work?

The method for electrolysis is comparative paying little mind to the specific strategy used for electrolysis. Each strategy for electrolysis starts by inserting a little needle into the follicle of an unwanted hair and having some type of electric current.

The ultimate objective is annihilating the unwanted hair and to hold it from becoming back.

Since each unwanted hair must be dealt with, electrolysis can be a time consuming process. The time required for effective electrolysis treatment changes among individuals, and is identified with an assortment of various variables. The bigger the area to be treated, the longer the electrolysis treatment will take.

Other imperative variables incorporate genetic and hormonal components, how delicate the individual’s skin is, and how much the hair follicles are curved.

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