Lessons Learned After The First Tattoo

November 07, 2015   1314

Getting your first tattoo is very special, especially for those who are quite passionate about styling with tattoos. Since, it is said that every first experience teaches your great lessons; your first tattoo experience also does the same. Have a look what lessons you can learn from your tattoo experience.

First Tattoo

What if you’re being asked about your first tattoo experience? Everyone would probably say things like it was painful, but fun, loved it, etc.! Isn’t it?
But, what if I ask you what did you learn from your first tattoo experience? Numb!!!!
Here’s what can be your answer….

1. It’s Painless!

It definitely hurts to every normal person! And, every person is normal – with regular nerve and skin structure. But, the reality is that the more you think it to be painful, the more you feel it. Think of the needle and you’ll feel pain in your body. So, the first thing you should learn from your experience is that divert your mind in other things to avoid feeling the intense pain.. that actually occurs while getting inked.

2. You Attract What You’re

Quite obvious, but people often don’t realize this. When it comes to deciding the design of the tattoo you want to get inked, your preference depends upon your taste. For instance, if you’re a music lover, you’ll feel like getting music tones as tattoo. Give it a though!

3. Think Before You Get It Done.

Understand that, it won’t go with constant washing. This means that it’s your decision to get the tattoo done, and with all that pain you tolerated, it won’t disappear. You might sometimes feel a strange remorse carousel, making you feel if you could reverse the action. Come On! It’s not possible. So, better make up your mind and take firm decision.

4. You Become What You Say You Are

“If you’re constantly in contact with something, you are adapting, you are adjusting, you are eventually becoming one with that something“. If you plan yourself in a certain context, sooner or later you become one with that context, either by changing yourself to fit in, or by attracting some favorable circumstances.

5. Just Do It!

The most important lesson, probably! DO it when you really want it or else take time to rethink. This isn’t technically a lesson, but instead a kind of reinforcement. If you really want to do something, get it done while you got the chance to. Do it when you want to! Also, if you postpone too much, you may lose it entirely.

6. Take Care!

Getting tattoo requires a lot of care – both before and later. Before care, as you need to prepare yourself as well as your body to undergo the procedure. And after care because you want to avoid unwanted circumstance that can affect you mentally, physically, emotionally and even financially. Often people take this care for granted and has to bear a lot in future. Its better to take prevention than to take treatments later throughout life.

Hope these lessons will inspire you during your first tattoo experience!

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