Learning About the Itchy Anus or Pruritus Ani – Causes!

December 18, 2016   2203

Also known as itchy bottom or anal itching, Pruritus Ani is said to be a skin condition which causes persistent irritation in the anal region. It further leads to a strong urge to scratch in the affected area. The more you scratch, more you are prone to infection. Let’s find out the cause of this skin infection here.

Learning about the itchy anus or Pruritus Ani- Causes!

An itchy anus can be a reason to huge embarrassment. How?

Just think of a situation where you are busy in meeting, listening to the clients detail or giving an exam, and that sudden itch near the anal region occurs. Certainly, it is impossible to scratch at that very moment.

Here you need to know that having an itchy bum or an itchy anus is not only an embarrassing or uncomfortable problem, it can be pruritis ani- a skin infection. Though it is not life threatening, yet it is quite common. And once it is discovered, it is important to treat the problem as soon as possible. But before there is a lot you need about the causes. Checkout here;

What Causes Anal Itching?

In most of the cases, pruritis ani occurs due to some unknown causes, and it is often short lived. Yes, there are chances that it might resolve as quickly as it starts. Depending on every person experience, this type of itching occurs at some point. Underlying are some reasons for this disorder:

Improper Hygiene: This is the biggest and most common factor causing pruritis ani. It is about the hygiene around the anus or perianal area and personal hygiene, both. It can be due to insufficient cleansing of the perianal area, accumulation of fecal matter, presence of bacteria, and so on. These individually or collectively cause irritation of the skin and the bacteria leads to a skin infection.

Overzealous cleaning: Excess of everything is bad. Hence, excessive cleansing of the perianal area can be a reason behind the problem. Too much of cleaning can damage the delicate skin and cause anal itching of the perianal area. The soaps and disinfectants you are using to clean can cause contact dermatitis too.

Anorectal Conditions: After the cleaning reason, pruritis ani itching can be associated with other skin conditions like external hemorrhoids. In such case, the sufferer will experience a swelling and engorgement of the rectal veins. Now there are different factor associated with such health conditions inclusive of diarrhea, pregnancy, constipation, obesity, and excessive straining during defecation. And why only hemorrhoids, there are several anorectal conditions like anal fissures, fistulas, cryptitis, etc. which are a reason of itching.

So know when you are known to reasons causing itching in the perianal area, it is right time to find out some efficient ways to treat the problem. You will get the answer to your query in the next post. Till then, stay tuned!

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