Laser Tattoo Removal- A Method to Get Rid Of Tattoo Regret

November 15, 2016   342

Science and technology has made it possible to get solution of every problem; even if it is your tattoo regret. Have you heard of R20 method? If you have been looking for a perfect way to overcome your tattoo regret or better say, tattoo design, you must have come across this term. So, here is all about it.

Laser Tattoo Removal

You landed here looking for tattoo removal, right? There are chances that you might be aware of the latest R20 method. Many people are surrounded with the misconception that R20 tattoo removal is a new technology for treating tattoos. In fact, some treat it to be a type of laser which is more efficient at removing ink. But in actual, the R20 method is simply a protocol or you can say a specific treatment style. It makes use a Q-switched laser and is known best for tattoo removal. It includes multiple passes instead of single, which are performed with the goal of shattering more ink.

What is the R20 Method?

As stated above, in the traditional tattoo removal treatments there was a single pass performed over the tattoo with the laser. Later, when the pass was completed, the patient was bandaged and sent home. Again after six weeks or sometimes later, the patient was asked to return for his following treatment sessions. Making a difference, R20 method is more efficient and time saving. Not only for the reason it uses a different type of laser, but also how the laser is used is different.

What is the standard protocol for R20?

Often termed to as ‘multi-pass tattoo removal’, the process includes treating the entire tattoo multiple times, that too in a single appointment. As far as the standard protocol is concerned, it has;

  • 1st pass with laser; followed by 20 minutes wait
  • 2nd pass with laser; followed by 20 minutes wait
  • 3rd pass with laser; followed by 20 minutes wait
  • 4th pass with laser; followed by aftercare

So, in all there are four laser passes, with 20 minute waiting intervals in each. Please note that it is the standard for the R20 method, and some physicians may perform it in fewer passes too. Similarly, the waiting periods can vary. Experienced physicians always love to experiment with settings and find a method which gives the most effective results for their patients.

Last note; you need to learn that there are conflicting opinions in the tattoo removal space about the safety of the R20 method. While some are happy with the results offered, to others the concern for side effects and permanent skin damage is a big issue. However, the truth is that if responsibly implemented, it is fruitful in every term.

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