Labret piercing- A piercing style for your face and personality

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Labret piercing were earlier worn to emphasise a person’s high status. However, things have changed now. It is more commonly worn as a statement of one’s personality. Here is all you need to know about this style of piercing.Labret piercing- A piercing style for your face and personality

Looking for a funky style of body piercing?

With a variety of piercings available nowadays, it can be difficult for one to choose something extraordinary. In case, you have been dealing with a similar situation, labret stud can be helpful.

What is a labret stud?

If you are new to this term, you need to that it is a type of body jewelry which is pierced through the facial lip. As far as the types of labrets are concerned, these are commonly available in titanium, surgical stainless steel, and black steel. So, you can pick the highest quality of stuff to avoid any infection from the pierced skin.

What is labret piercing? How it is done?

Basically, it is the perforation of the center of the lower lip above the chin. It is also known as an outstanding way to express your personality in a more creative way. Some people also refer it to as center bottom lip piercing.

When you have set up your mint to get this piercing done, make sure you select a reputable piercing studio for getting pierced. Generally, the professional starts with cleaning of the lower lip. He will give you an antibacterial solution to rinse your mouth before he starts with the process. Then the entry and exit points are marked for piercing. Later, the bottom lip is clamped to pass a sterilized, hollow needle through the center. And at the last, jewelry is carefully inserted into the pierced spot.

Is labret piercing painful?

You have already read it that a needle is used for insertion of the stud. Hence, it will be painful. Now how much it pains will solely depend on the threshold of the person who is getting pierced. While for some it can be a tingling sensation to others it can be a highly painful process.

But don’t worry! You can keep the pain away using a numbing solution like Dr. Numb. It comes with 5% lidocaine and can be applied to sensitive skin. Just apply it one hour before you visit your artist. It will block the pain signals completely and make it pain-free process.

How to care for labret piercing?

For a proper aftercare, you need to follow these:

  • Avoid touching your piercing without washing your hands
  • Use a soaked cotton ball in warm saline water for proper cleaning
  • To keep your mouth clean, use warm salt water to rinse your mouth after every meal
  • You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild toothpaste too
  • Piercing has to be rinsed using an antibacterial soap and lotions, creams, ointments, or makeup has to be avoided for few weeks
  • Don’t make any unnecessary movements of the stud

If you don’t care for your piercing, it can easily get infected. Symptoms like severe swelling, yellow discharge, redness, soreness, and many more can be observed for few days. In any case, the symptoms get worse, look for some quick medical.



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