What You Should Know About Lip Tattoos?

January 21, 2017   1583

Lip tattoos are the progressive form of the tattoos. In spite of having less to no visibility, these tattoos are quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts.What You Should Know About Lip Tattoos

If you think lip tattoo is not an easy job, you are right. Lip tattoo can be more complicated and critical than you think. If you are getting lip tattoo for the very first time, you must bear some things in the mind to have a realistic approach towards the lip tattoos.

Lip Tattoos Fade Soon:

Don’t expect lip tattoos to be on your lips forever. This is quite obvious as the tattoo ink doesn’t rest on the “wet” surfaces of the lips for a long time, eventually starting faded. There may be many reasons for tattoo fading, the main one is the absorption of the acid and chemicals in the mouth. The high moisture content in your mouth may not be good for the tattoo ink.

Generally, lip tattoos can last for anywhere from one to five years, though it varies from person to person. This is why you need frequent touch ups to maintain them.

Touch Ups Can Trigger Infections:

While it is necessary to receive touch-ups, you can be prone to the infection by getting them for a long time. This is because the touch ups are done on the wounds again and again, leaving your skin sensitive and prone to the infections at second or third time. You must talk to your tattoo artist to get an optimal solution.  

Lip Tattoo Can Cause Gum Reaction and Swelling:

A new lip tattoo is vulnerable to swelling, and it takes time to heal. Besides, the tattoo process risks your gums and teeth when the ink is brushed against the gum tissue. Remember, you have to undergo expensive surgeries for your gum damage. You must avoid smoking after lip tattoo as it can increase the chances of gum damage.

Smoking is the other major cause speeding up the gum damage risk.

It Can Be Painful:

Lip tattoos are painful as they are done on the sensitive part of the body, the lip. However, the degree of the pain depends on your pain threshold and your artist’s expertise. This is why for most of the people it’s like just a sting, while “tearing” experience for others. Choose the right numbing cream to ease your pain while have lip tattoos.

Healing Time Can Be Longer:

Lip tattoos can take longer to be healed as they leave lips chapped, dried and swollen as well. Generally, your lips take 10 days to restore to their normal condition. During your healing period, you must avoid acidic foods, smoking and follow the after instructions provided by your tattoo artist.

Your Skin Tone May Not Be Compatible for a Lip Tattoo:

People with dark skin tone must avoid lip tattoo as it can cause hyperpigmentation. The needle pierces the skin in such a way that you can end up with more pigmentation at the healing time—giving you darker lips.

So, this is all about the lip tattoos you must keep in mind. But that doesn’t mean you should give up the idea of getting you lips “inked”. Rather, these tips intend to provide you the precautions to avoid the dangers afterward. Remember to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist.






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