What You Should Know Before Your Very First Nose Piercing?

November 10, 2016   579

Is it your first time nose piercing? If yes, read here to know essential things about nose piercing.

So, it’s your very first nose piercing. Needless to say that you are excited as it enhances your look. Amidst that excitement, it would not be easier for you to sideline doubts and concerns regarding nose piercing. For example, you might be thinking if it is painful or which jewelry would be right. To clear your doubts, we have come up with the things you always wanted to know.

Nose Piercing is Not Painful:

Nose Piercing

Definitely, if anything that is worrying you is the pain involving in nose piercing. And the good news is that nose piercing doesn’t hurt too much. Yes, that’s true! This is because nose is one of the least painful areas in the body from the viewpoint of piercing. Nose is the fleshy part which makes needle to go through with a simple push. The pain would be like stinging or pinching. If you know there is little pain in nose piercing, you can better mentally prepare for it.

Use Numbing Cream:

You’ve known that nose piercing is not that painful, however, if you still worry about the pain factor or having lower pain threshold, you can use numbing cream. Several numbing creams like Dr. Numb will ease your pain by blocking the nerves carrying pain signals to the brain.

Choose the Right Metal:

Nose piercing licenses you to wear and flaunt wide range of jewelry. But you must choose the jewelry that is safe and compatible for your skin. In other words, choose the metal which is not allergic. Yellow gold, platinum, copper, silver and polycarbonate plastic are the good choice for piercing.

Don’t buy cheap or artificial jewelry as they can irritate your fresh piercing.

It Can Remain Sore for a Few Days:

The pain will last for few seconds, but there may be mild pain or soreness you can have 20-40 hours after piercing. If the redness or swelling persists for few days, it may be an infection. So, you must see your doctor.

Ask for Aftercare:

Getting your nose pierced requires you to follow aftercare to keep infection and other risks at a bay. Whether it’s cleaning or medication, ask your piercing artist about the aftercare.

This is all about nose piercing for the first timers. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below!


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