What Kind Of Cream Is Effective And Quick To Numb Me For A Blood Test?

September 19, 2014   1353

Dr. Numb is a strong dermal anesthetic cream, which can be applied before blood tests to minimize pain. Results are obtained within 15 minutes. This means you don’t have to wait for hours unlike other similar products in the market. Read along to find out more!

What Kind Of Cream Is Effective And Quick To Numb Me For A Blood Test?

Blood tests are very common. Even during routine check-ups your doctor may prescribe blood tests to see how your body is working. During a blood test, a small blood sample is taken from your body for examination. The blood is usually drawn from a vein in the arm using a needle. Alternatively, a finger prick might also be used.

Importance of Blood Tests

A doctor may draw out blood to analyze and determine the total blood cells of an individual or to measure different substances present in the blood. The subsequent results can help in detecting major health problems at an early stage.

Best Solution for Patients Having Trypanophobia

Considering the importance of blood test analysis, it is important for individuals to undergo this procedure. However, there are people who suffer from Trypanophobia (needle phobia).

So how can you convince them to undertake blood testing without experiencing the slightest of pain? The answer is simple – Dr. Numb.

Its time you get over the pain associated with needle phobia. Leading topical numbing cream, Dr. Numb helps in effectively numbing the area before the blood test.

Now you can effectively keep a check on your health without worrying about pain. Dr. Numb allows you to undertake the most painful and uncomfortable procedures with perfect ease and comfort.

Next time you need to have your blood checked, don’t forget to use Dr. Numb for painless blood extraction!

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