Keep Your Tattoos Bright and Beautiful This Summer!

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Learn here how to take care of your tattoos in summers.Keep Your Tattoos Bright and Beautiful This Summer!

So summer has come with its usual characteristics—scorching heat, sweating, and longer days. It is the best time of a year to flaunt your tattoos otherwise remained covered during the winters. Ironically, it is challenging to take care of your tattoos because of many reasons. It may be faded due to the extreme sun exposure.

So, here are the best tips to care for your tattoos during summer:

Apply Sunblock:

Sunblock protects your tattoos from fading. As an added bonus, it keeps it moisturized. Apply the sunblock having SPF 30. Even you should use sunblock on your tattoo if it is healed during the first months as the healing process is still on. Be sure to apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours. However, don’t use sunblock or greasy creams when your tattoo is still a fresh wound. Otherwise, it can block your pores and negatively affect healing process.

All you can do is to cover your tattoo to keep it from dirt, pollution and sunrays.

Cover It Up with Clothes:

Always cover your tattoos with a cloth to protect them from direct sun exposure. Make sure to choose lightweight fabrics as it lets your skin breath.

Wait for Some Days Before Flaunting Your New Tattoo:

It is irresistible to flaunt your tattoos during summers. You can do that with your months old tattoos. But it can make your fresh tattoos worse if you start exposing them to outer environment immediately after getting it. Have patience and wait for 14 days. Be careful while heading for the outdoors with your new tattoo. It is better if you consult your tattoo artist about the upkeep of your new tattoo.

Avoid Swimming and Hot Baths:

Don’t swim or take hot baths until your tattoo is completely healed. Considering that your tattoo is a fresh wound, it can be contaminated with chemicals and bacteria present in the water of the pools and water bodies. Besides, avoid soaking or keeping your tattoo for long in water. Just take light showers by avoiding the water running directly over the tattoo.

Always follow the precautions given by your tattoo artists and see your physician immediately if you experience some unusual. 

With the help of these tips, you can keep your new or old tattoos bright and beautiful in summers.






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