How to keep your tattoo safe after tattooing?

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There is no tattoo aftercare timeline. But you need to know about the essentials beforehand. Here is a small list to help you heal your tattoo faster.How to keep your tattoo safe after tattooing  

If there is something people often miss to know about getting a tattoo is how to look after and care for it.

You might have chosen the best artist and design, but you need to remember that once you leave the studio, tattoo aftercare becomes your sole responsibility. So it is important for you to know and learn as much as you possibly can. Reason being, how you tattoo looks after years, depend on the care you provide initially.

If you have been looking for some helpful tips, here are few to consider:

Follow your artist:

Firstly, be a patient listener and pay attention to what your tattooist tells you. You must follow precisely whatever they instruct. They are professionals with years of experience, and can guide you the best about what product and healing technique will work best for your skin and their artwork.

Give it some time to heal:

Do you know your tattoo will weep in the first couple of days? Basically, it will be a fluid coming out from the wound, which can be clear or slightly colored, as per your tattoo. And it is normal. Don’t worry; your tattoo isn’t coming out. Make sure you clean it regularly as instructed and let it go through the healing process. You need to know that your body knows how to heal itself, let it work accordingly.

Don’t fret over common symptoms:

Actually, it is very common that a new tattoo turns to be sensitive, red or slightly inflamed. While most of the people experience some irritation a day or more after getting a new tattoo, it can differ in your case depending on the size, placement and so on. But in case, the symptoms continue for long, say about a week, see your tattooist or doctor as soon as possible.

Avoid wrapping:

Yes, you do not need to wrap your tattoo again unless explicitly instructed by your artist. It is essential to keep the tattoo clean after the protection has been removed. But remember, your new tattoo is similar to an open injury, so no experimenting.

You can go with hand-washing the tattoo using an extremely light cleaner thoroughly with your fingers. Strictly avoid using any of those scented or chemical filled soaps. And let it air dry or lightly pat it dry with a clean paper towel.

Keep it slightly moist:

Don’t let your tattoo to be too dry as it can lead to a thick scab formation. Certainly, you don’t want that to happen, right? Drying out of the tattoo also slow down the recovery procedure and can even harm the tattoo. Hence, you can ask your tattooist to advise a cream or ointment to apply to your new tattoo.

Don’t bear the pain:

Though pain is a common symptom during the tattooing process, yet there are chances for your new tattoo to pain afterwards. To keep pain away, you can trust Dr. Numb, a topical anesthetic cream with 5% lidocaine. This blocks the pain signal and keeps your skin moist. Hence, you can apply it for both purposes, before and after tattoo. While the before application will simplify process to be carried out, you can always use it later to keep skin moist and free from pain. 

Happy tattooing!




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