Justin Bieber Got A Wing Tattoo On His Neck

January 22, 2016   1899

After scrolling down through Justin Bieber’s instagram, we found a brand new tattoo pic with a comment, “New tattoo :)”. So, we can say that after, having a shirtless selfie with purple hair, now Justin got another pic with a tattoo. It’s a pair of wings on the back of his neck!


This 21-year-old singer uploaded a couple of pics on his Instagram account. He is seen spruced up in a smooth suit and investigating the mirror while flaunting the tattoo for the photographer. This is just to educate you that prior in this week, Justin got himself out for making a joke in front of an audience about underage young ladies.

Justin Bieber on His New Tattoo

Recently, Bieber had a fashion show cuz of which people are predicting two reasons for the tattoo. First, he’s either remembering Selena’s big Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performance, or second, maybe he revealed out about his new track “Hey Angel.” If these two aren’t the reason, then these angel wings may have some other secret or deeper meaning.

Some might say that after a long drama of Jelena, Justin had a break. He had an awesome late night party where he had this beautiful winged tattoo from a Miami tattoo artist, Dan Price. Although Bieber wanted a globe in the middle of the wings, but ended with just wings.

The tattoo took 3 hours to get complete. After completion, Justin Beiber uploaded two pics of his tattoo- one was a full length pic of his own with a tattoo, and another was a close pic of a tattoo.

For me, Justin Bieber is an Angel cuz he’s still my favorite after remaining in controversies. But, some might think Justin Bieber is no angel, so for that I must say that his new tattoo is no less than an angel! So, by including this tattoo, we can say that Justin Bieber’s body is now 50 percent covered with tattoos.

So, above was something about his latest Angel tattoo, let’s have a quick reveal on a few of his famous tattoos that were in the news. Here’s a small List of tattoos that Bieber already has on his body are as follows;
A ‘Purpose’ written tattoo on his stomach, which is a perfect tribute to his album- purpose.
• Alphabet “G” inked on the right arm, which is a tribute to a Li’l girl named Georgia.
Alphabet “LL” inked in cursive style that stands for ‘Low, Lift”. It means that if your head is low, lift it up with confidence.
“Patience” Tattoo inked on the right side of the neck, right below the ear. No matter what the situation is, just have patience.
A collection of tattoos on his right arm including a Korean mask. Also, by viewing closely the tattoo, you will find the word “Trust”, music notes, and various signs/symbols, phrases with a meaning “Bieber”.
Also, you may find Graffiti style cartoon face inspired by graffiti artwork.
Justin’s diamond tattoo on the wrist of the right hand with the aim to be always confident in every situation.
You may find a “Forgive” tattoo inked in black, above the right hip on the waist.
Also, there’s a big cross mark right at the center of the chest that depicts that “he’s not a bad guy as it appears”.
• Justin’s “LOVE” tattoo inked in black gothic font in a horizontal style, is situated on the inner side of the right forearm that was actually made for his girlfriend.
A campus tattoo inked on his right arm, which is inspired from Louis Tomlinson, who has a very similar tattoo of a large compass on his right forearm.

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