The Insider’s Guide to Mole Removal

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Moles are always unappealing and people with them always yearn for a solution to get them removed. In case, you are among the same, here is something highly useful. Explore to know more about mole removal.

The Insider's Guide to Mole Removal

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Do you know everyone has at least 10-40 moles on any part of their body?

While in most of the cases moles these are said to be harmless spots, these can appear at any age and on any part of your body. You might find them in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. However, there are different reasons why people want to get moles removed from their skin. Hence, if you are having a mole or more, and you want to get rid of it, it is first important to know about these unwanted structures a little.

What are moles?

Basically, these are the slightly raised dark bumps which can occur anywhere on your body. As stated earlier, there is no pre-defined sizes, colors, or shapes for the same. It is worth noticing that most of the moles are not life threatening. But there are some moles which might change in their texture and thus gives a hint of skin cancer. Besides, the other common reason why people look forward to mole removal is that is affect one’s self esteem. Yes, when they appear on the visible parts such as arms, face, and neck, they hinder your appearance. This is why most people prefer removing them.

What are the different types of moles?

Medically, there are different types of moles found. However, generally these can be divided into two categories, Normal and Atypical.

Now ‘Normal’ moles are typically those structures which are smaller than a pencil eraser, round in shape and symmetrical with smooth borders. Usually, these are often tan or pink. The good thing about these is that there is no medical reason to have them removed. Though you may not like them cosmetically, and want to get removed.

Secondly, atypical moles which are also called dysplastic nevi are unusual looking moles. These are said to be non-cancerous and when viewed at the cellular level these appear to be different than healthy, normal moles. So, these are the asymmetric, dark, or multi-colored, with indistinct borders. Generally, you will find them on the buttocks, back, chest, or scalp.

Additionally, atypical moles may look like melanoma. It is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Don’t worry; atypical moles will not necessarily develop into skin cancer. However, if you have 10 or more dysplastic nevi moles, there can be a higher risk of developing melanoma.

Hence, whether you are dealing with normal mole or the atypical ones, there are good chances that you want them to be eliminated as soon as possible. Right?

What are the different mole removal options?

As far as the mole removal is concerned, there are several treatments available, including surgical and non-surgical.

Surgical treatment for mole removal:

If you visit your doctor, he will advise you to undergo a biopsy for your abnormal mole. And in most of the cases, it is recommended to get it removed. So, you will have to undergo cryotherapy, which is also called as cryosurgery. Being a simple non-invasive procedure, it makes use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy the mole’s tissue at the cellular level. Later, the mole which has been frozen and destroyed is bandaged carefully. In this case, the area may blister and scab before healing completely. Though it is a virtually painless outpatient procedure, it needs to be performed at your dermatologist’s office only.

The other option is to get your mole removed surgically. In such as case, your dermatologist will cut out the entire mole which is followed by stitching the skin back together. Or alternatively, using a surgical blade the mole is shaved off. Whatever the process he follows, the removed mole tissue will be examined under a microscope in order to find out if cancer cells are present or not. Of course, this will be a painful process. Hence, it is recommended to use a topical anesthetic cream to keep pain at bay. You can switch to any numbing cream like Dr. Numb which when applied to the skin will generate a numbing sensation. It will block the pain signals and set you free for three to hours to go under the blade easily.

Besides, there are some natural solutions to get rid of the mole at the comfort of your home.

Natural treatments for mole removal:

Here are some home remedies you can give a try.

Apply Garlic For Mole Removal

It is one of the popular ingredients used for various types of ailments. And yes, you can use it for mole treatment too. Actually, it consists of sulfuric juices making it capable of removing these unwanted structures. Simply, slice a clove in half and directly keep it on the surface with cut side. Or you can place minced garlic to the mole and tie it with a bandage on top. Keep it on overnight or for 12 hours at least, and repeat until you see results.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Mole Removal

Do you know some moles are caused due to potassium deficiency?

Being a rich source of potassium, apple cider vinegar (ACV), can be a good way to treat moles. So, you can simply drink it on daily basis. All you need to do is dissolve one tablespoon in a cup of hot water. If it tastes too strong, you can add a little amount of honey and lemon.

The other option is to apply a small amount of ACV directly to the area to be treated. Do it with the help of a clean cotton swab. Both of these methods can be repeated until the mole fades completely.

Put On Grapefruit Juice

Having powerful acidic properties, this can help kick moles to the curb. Just start with a fresh grapefruit and juice it. With the help of a cotton ball you can add some amount of the juice on the mole. Repeat it for three times a day. Make sure your skin doesn’t get irritated. In a month or more, the mole should begin to disappear.

So, these were few ways to treat mole formation. In case, if any of the natural treatments don’t work, please don’t lose hope. Everyone’s skin and mole differ. You can consult your doctor for better solution!


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