I Suppose Numbing Cream is a No go for Tattoos?

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Tattooist generally believe that pain during tattooing is the part of the process. People in this community look at the irritation and pain as part of the process of getting inked, which really makes the pain meaningful. Sadly, there are very limited people in this community, most of us don’t like pain, then be it in the process of getting a tattoo.

Numbing Cream for Tattoo

Tattoos have seen a revival, now more and more people are eager to get their bodies inked. The reality is, tattooing is fun, but is painful. Getting a tattoo is painful, and anyone who says they don’t feel the pain is only lying. Tattoos will pain, yes the pain will vary according to certain factors such as your pain endurance and placement of the tattoo. Colored or outline tattoos also mean varying degree of pain.

So, if you are not in for pain there is still a way to get tattooed without much irritation. Over the counter numbing cream or topical anesthetic can be applied on the skin to minimize pain from getting inked. One of the more accomplished numbing creams is the Dr Numb numbing cream.

Numbing cream can be really effective if you’re a low pain threshold or you’re planning a tattoo in a sensitive area. The numbing agent can be applied before the actual tattooing process. Numbing cream works by temporarily numbing the nerve ending; therefore, the numbing cream should be used very judiciously. If used improperly, the topical anesthetic can pose some serious health risks. It is best then to consult your doctor or an experienced tattooist beforehand.

Use under medical supervision only

Tattoo numbing creams can help you tolerate the pain, but the cream should be used only in medical supervision. Generally, topical anesthetic is applied to the skin an hour or two prior to the tattooing process, the cream numbs the nerve endings and its effect last about 60 to 90 minutes.

Leaving the numbing cream applied for long period of time, or applying it in larger quantity or using it on irritate skin can allow the numbing cream to pierce into the skin and then into the bloodstream . This can lead to life threatening side effects such a shortness of breath and seizures.

Just why numbing cream is useful in getting tattooed

In most cases, if applied properly, on smaller areas (majorly on sensitive areas when the tattoo has to go over such areas) numbing cream can have a reliable effect and save you second or third visit to the tattooist. There is only one catch, the numbing cream should be used wisely, keeping the consequences incorrect use in mind.

  • Uses the cream after washing the skin
  • Use gloves to apply the cream over the area to be worked on
  • Apply the cream generously for good effect
  • After applying, cover the area with a cloth for 45 minutes

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