How to Select a Right Tattoo Parlor?

March 19, 2016   1842

“It takes time to make hardest decisions in life”.And getting a tattoo for the first time is indeed a big decision. A small loophole can cost you a lot in the long run, including harmful effects like skin infection, cancer or even STD’s.

How to Select a Right Tattoo Parlor?

To avoid such fatal consequences, the most important thing you can do before getting your first tattoo is taking the time to find the right studio.

When it comes to getting inked, deciding on a whim about where to get it done can be dreadful. While some get lucky and walk away with the perfect tat art, often people suffer a lot. While finding the right tattoo parlor/artist can be a little bit overwhelming, this’ll help you in the long run and you’ll get exactly what you expected.

Here are some major considerationsto help you along in making your right decision, and to make sure that you get a tattoo you are going to be proud of.

  1. Know what you want

Knowing what you actually want is the key when selecting a tattoo parlor. Straight away walking into a random parlor and asking about the cost and time involved really only works if you’ve already got a bunch of tattoos and can risk one turning out bad instantly. Rather than this, think hard about what you want and what you’re going to get.


  1. Take Reference from your experienced friends and family

You might have some friends or relatives whose inks you like. Half of your job is done in such a case. Talk to them about their experience. If they’re happy with the parlor they visited to get their tattoo done, they can introduce and show you which artists they prefer. More importantly, you can see how the tattoo work looks months or years later. This is important because the pictures you see in a tattoo shop may have been taken immediately or shortly after a tattoo was done.

  1. Check out Tattoo Artist’s Portfolio

Each shop will generally have a portfolio with pictures of some of their recent tattoos. You can go through them and see if a certain artist’s tattooing stylematches with your vision of your tattoo. Getting a tattoo is different from buying a new t-shirt; you can buy a t-shirt from someone you don’t like. It just depends on the collection an apparel store has.Tattooing is a body art that is permanent and is going to go on your body for long. When getting a tattoo, it is important that your artist’s vision fits yours and that you trust and feel comfortable with the tattoo artist.

  1. Check online for reviews and comments

Public opinion plays an important role when making decisions. As such, look around online and see what other customers are saying about their tattoo experience at the tattoo shop you selected. Business reviews and comments available around the internet should be able to help you in figuring out quickly if a tattoo artist is good for you or not.

While these reviews not only would help you know the positives of a particular artist, you’ll also get a few negatives as nobody is perfect. These negative points will help you stay cautious while dealing with the artist or getting a tattoo done.

  1. Make sure you like the artist you selected

While it is important for you to like them as an artist, you also need to like them as a person. This is because if you’re butting heads with someone during the consultation, part of your tattoo experience goes weird. While it’s good to remember that they probably know what’s best, if you feel like you’re getting pushed into something you don’t want, you should immediately switch. Remember that it’s going on your body forever, and not theirs.

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