How to select a perfect tattoo size?

April 28, 2016   679

Want your first tattoo, but is confused about what design to choose? Well, you’re not alone. Every newbie deals with the same situation when getting a first tattoo. Plus, it’s not bad to be selective and taking lot of time before deciding. As it’s going to be a permanent mark on your body, so you have to be very sure about what your permanent body ink is going to be like.
How to select a perfect tattoo size?

But mostly what every first timer neglects is correct tattoo size. This is because some believes that the tattoo is going to be of the same size as shown on some online picture. But the truth is that it can change depending on what body part you want that design or quote. Even your tattoo artists cannot help you with that, as he/she will only suggest you few options. Ultimately you have to be the person who decides about the tattoo and its size. As you’re going to be the person flaunting the permanent ink all your life. So, it has to be your decision not anyone else’s who hardly knows you.

Here are few parameters that can be considered while selecting a perfect tattoo size.

Too small

You can go for a small or very small tattoo design, if you’re terrified by the idea of boasting a huge tattoo on your body. There are many small and quirky tattoo designs that not only look cute, but also adds certain charm to your personality. These small tattoos can be in shape of stars, dolphin, birds, etc. These signs looks very pretty on wrists, hands, neck or near ears. Small tattoos are also chosen when someone don’t want to make a huge change to his/her personality, or don’t want to grab all the attention of every passerby. You can also go for some quotes in small fonts, of you want some particular saying to be part of your life but don’t want your whole arm or any other body part to be a huge canvas for it.

Too large

There are few tattoo enthusiasts who are fascinated by the idea of large tattoos, but some times large tattoos could be a blunder, and not any where near your expectations. This mostly happens with tattoo designs like a tribal band, a butterfly, or something else with fuller pattern. You may have seen a particular design on somewhere and it looks absolutely gorgeous. But that is may or may not look nice on your arm. In some cases a tattoo artists may also suggest whether the design would look good on particular body part or not. Large tattoos are often associated with strong personalities and make a huge difference to your style statement. So, you have to be absolutely sure before you decide to go for a large tattoo design. This is because it may completely make or break your personality.

Depending on your profession

Well, there are most professions that don’t have to do anything with your tattoos. But there are certain professional places or offices where huge tattoos or even small tattoos are not acceptable. Make sure that your tattoo design won’t cause any hindrance to your profession or future career that you always dreamed off, otherwise you tattoo will always remain as a symbol of regret on your skin. Otherwise, make sure your tattoo remains hidden under your clothing that anyone in your office environment cannot see it. So, it will be your cool secret underneath your professional attire.

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