How to Remove Tattoo at Home?

March 24, 2016   1102

While tattoos are symbolization of style and swag, these aren’t much favored professionally. So, if you want to get your permanent tattoo removed, here are a few methods for you.
How to Remove Tattoo at Home?


So, you’re all set for your interview for the new job. You’re done with preparing for your interview questions, bought a pair of formals and shoes for you, and are pretty confident about doing your best at the interview, but what about that tattoo on your neck or on the wrist?

Tattoos are still considered a taboo at the workplace in many countries.No visible tattoos are considered professional and it is less likely for such people to get their desired job in good companies.

But no more worries, you can get your tattoos removed easily with certain effective techniques. The market is flooded with various tattoo removal options. Have a look and decide your best bet.

Laser Removal

Laser is probably the most popular technique to remove a tattoo. In this technique, the specialist uses powerful laser rays that break up the tattoo ink into tiny fragments. Further, these fragments aredissolved by the skin’s own immune system. This technique is one of the best and safest ways of tattoo removal. And in most cases, there is no scarring.

In 90% cases, the effectiveness of laser depends on the pigment. For instance, tattoo inked in black pigment is the easiest to remove. But, if the tat is inked in colors such as red, green etc. the difficulty level is more.Tattoos with white pigments are the toughest to remove. Laser tats can be very costly depending on your tattoo size. This is because the lasers cost a lot more than pigments for your tattoo.And… it is a painful method too.

Salabrasion or Dermabrasion

Salabrasion is yet another method effective for tattoo removal. This method involves salt and water being rubbed overt the tattoo until the area bleeds and a scar getscreated. A somewhat similar method is Dermabrasionin which the        tattoo is frozen and sanded off later till the tattoo comes away with the skin. Both these methods are extremely painful and require multiple treatments of excruciating pain.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery or skin drafting is a method where a tattoo is removedsurgically by cutting the tattooed area of the skin. While with this technique, the tattoo is removed, sadly there will be a permanent scar left.

Tattoo Removal through Cream

There is an alternative that is reported to be less expensive, cause less scarring and is less painful. In this method,a cream called Rejuviis pushed into the skin using an injection. The cream bonds with the tattoo and reveals the ink to the body whose immediate reaction is to reject the cream and the ink. While this techniques is said to be less expensive, it takes anywhere from 6 months to a few years depending on the size and age of the tattoo.


Whether it is due to professional reason of not getting job in the desired organization, or breakup in the love relation, there are a lot of reasons for possibly wanting a tattoo removed. And so are the various techniques available. Choose your best bet according to your needs and pocket.

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