How To Make Your Tattoos Heal Faster?

October 29, 2015   1202

Your new tattoo is surely an exciting thing for you. But you never know about the end results. You got it done from the great artist, but that doesn’t make your job end. Well, it depends on the care that you accord to your tattoo. It is highly important for you to care for your artwork and protect it from infections and other skin problems.

Make Your Tattoos Heal Faster

Tattooing is definitely one of the most prominent body artwork. It has been loved by both, male and female for centuries. And the trend continues even today. When it comes to tattoo, most people get too much excited and they hardly worry for the end results. While they will par proper attention to choose the best style of artwork for their tattoos, i.e. selecting the size, the color, shape and much more. But, often they miss something more important. Yes, it is about how to care for it after the tattoo job has been done. Do you, neglecting this can put you at risk of getting infections? Moreover, there are higher possibilities that it will take longer time to heal and the end results won’t be as desirable.
Well, if you are going for a tattoo sooner or later, make sure you learn few things beforehand. Here are some simple ways you really need to know.

What To Do Just After You Get The Tattoo Job Done?

One of the most important things you need to learn is that the first 48 hours after you tattoo are the most crucial in the healing process. You can:

• Keep It Bandaged: Just after the tattooist finishes with the design, they place a bandage over the tattoo. This is done in order to protect it from dirt and other objects. Along this, it keeps your clothes and other objects from rubbing against the new tattoo. Generally, they advise you to keep the bandage for at least two hours. But, it is suggested to keep the bandage overnight so that your tattoo doesn’t stick to your bed-sheet.

• Keep It Away From Water: After tattoo, if you are going for shower next day, gently tape a piece of plastic wrap over it. This will act as great protection to cover for tattoo. But, in case you tattoo is on some parts of the body where it is hard to keep plastic cover, like your chest, you can go for a bandage

• Keep It Clean: Once you are ready to remove the bandage, you need to pay greater attention to its cleanliness. In several cases, the tattoo color slime oozes out of the skin with a little blood. Don’t panic. This is normal symptom. Just wash the tattoo with a mild soap and water.

How To Help The Healing Process?

There are some great techniques which can really help the healing process. Have a look:

Warm Water: When you wash your tattoo, it feels like sunburn, isn’t it? To overcome this, follow a warm water cleanup. All you need to do is to let the warm water run over the fresh tattoo. Doing so make it used to the temperature of the water. Also, it will open the pores in the skin and clean away all of the dirt and excess ink. This really work and help you get rid of a lot of the irritation.

Keep It Dry: Once done with washing process don’t moisturize. Instead, let it dry. If you want to cover the tattoo with a piece of plastic wrap, you can go ahead. It keeps the tattoo from getting irritated by rubbing against your clothes or a family pet. Remember, the plastic wrap you use for protection, needs to be changes once or twice a day.

Special Moisturizers: Well, it is stated to keep your tattoo day. But after you wash it two to three times with soap and warm water, your tattoo feels too much dried. For moisturizing it, you can consider the following products re-wrapping:
• A&D Ointment
• Bacitracin
• Bepanthen
If any of them is not available, you can use any basic perfume-free skin moisturizer with topical vitamins E or D.
In short, just remember that poor after care can turn a beautiful tattoo into a disaster. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get the best of it, following the afore-stated solutions!

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