How To Deal With Your First Tattoo?

October 30, 2015   1728

There’s no surprise to the fact that getting tattoos is very hurtful, especially when it’s your first one. For some, getting inked is like coming back from the deathbed. But as said, “Where there’s a way, there’s a will too.??? There are ways by which the tattoo pain can be eradicated, not completely but to an extent.


If you’ve decided to get your body inked and if it’s for the first time, here a few key things you can do to ensure that your tattoo session isn’t as painful as it could be. Check out the list below what all you can do.

Go In Sober

People have a misconception that drinking and certain pain reliever can help in reducing the pain during tattoo sessions. In real, the scenario is entirely contradictory; it will actually make your tattoo a lot more painful. Being a blood thinner, alcohol will make you bleed more and the tattoo ink won’t take easily. Plus, the constant drunken movements will most likely cause the tattoo process to take longer and agitate the skin. Yet another thing to note here is that caffeine will also lead to thinning your blood, so try to avoid Tylenol, coffee and energy drinks before your tattoo session.

Drink Lots of Water

While drinking alcohol must be strictly avoided, it is highly recommend drinking lots of water. Start with the night before your tattoo session and stay as well hydrated as you can. Water will keep your skin hydrated allowing it to accept the ink more easily and allow the tattoo process to happen faster without much bleeding.

Eat A Full Breakfast

Make sure to go for tattoo session on a full stomach. This will help you raise your stamina while sitting through such a painful process. It’s like the more glucose, the better it is. SO, before your tattoo session, you are all allowed to go on for that extra bowl of Frosted Flakes and bacon and eggs. Getting inked burns a lot of calories actually, which depend on how long the session goes. Hence, make sure to fill ample energy to burn.

Get A Good Night Sleep

It takes a lot of strength and energy to sit through a tattoo session. So, the more rest you take on previous night, the longer you can hold through tattoo pain. On the contrary, if you are exhausted on your session day, chances are you won’t be able to handle a full multi-hour session. You will want to take endorphins and adrenaline to kick in to help block some pain. Hence, make sure you fuel up on sleep to allow that to happen naturally.

Take Breaks, But Sparingly

Getting a large tattoo on a sensitive body area like the hands, feet, or chest can really take breath out of you. Take breaks throughout the session to refill! You can eat something before going back under the needle. A small snack like orange juice, a chocolate power bar is recommended. However, make sure you aren’t taking too many breaks or long breaks. The skin area will otherwise begin to swell a lot more during your breaks and constant breaks will interrupt a lot of the tattoo process and adrenaline build up.

Zone Into Zen

Ignoring the pain by zoning into something that will distract you! It is probably the best way. You can try zoning into any on the stereo, or just make a list of crazy things you want to do within the next year. You can also try yoga before going in for a long tattoo session. This will help clearing your mind and focus on your breathing that in turn will calm you. Make sure to keep it Zen!

Have A Conversation

Casual chatting with somebody can help your time pass faster and the pain to fade. Some of the tattoo artists are very talkative and will really be interested in knowing their clients during the inking process. You don’t want to be a distraction or constantly moving when getting tattooed. Hence, try to keep things calm and collected. Check with your artist if you can bring someone along with you. Although, some shops don’t want any distraction, but a conversation could do you some good while you get inked!

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