How Much do Tattoos Cost?

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No matter it’s your first tattoo or the fifth one, the question that always comes to your mind before tattooing is that ‘how much my next tattoo will cost?’ Well, there are many factors that goes into deciding cost of a tattoo. Some common ones are from where you’re getting your tattoo done, which ink type the artist is using, size of your tattoo etc.
How Much do Tattoos Cost?

If you already have few tattoos, obviously you must be aware of some of the factors that goes into consideration before tattoo making. However, for newbies it’s complete a fresh experience and they are also not aware about most things that are considered. Here is a list of few important factors that beginners must know before getting permanently inked.

Tattoo artists

This is the most important factor that from whom you’re getting your tattoo done. Obviously an experienced and skilled artist is going to charge more for the tattoo. But you can be sure that professional tattoo artist will always do what’s good for your tattoo and your skin. For a good quality tattoo usually the cost starts at $100 to $300 per hour and depending on the size of the tattoo. But if that’s too much for you, then you may choose any local tattoo artist, who could do it for half the price. However, in that case you need to be careful that the tattoo artist is using new needle and non-allergic body inks or not.

Colour of the tattoo

Single coloured tattoo is usually less expensive than multi-coloured tattoo design. This is because more detailing and time is required for a coloured tattoo. So, the tattoo artist will cost you more for each hour he/she has spent on detailing your body art.

Size of the tattoo

Another important factor that decides cost of your tattoo is its size. It’s very simple to understand that a small tattoo will cost less as compared to the large tattoo design. Large tattoo needs high detailing and time. Furthermore, if you need any custom changes on a selected pattern that can also be done but with extra cost. The cheap costing will be around $50 to $100, rest the amount can be increased as per the detailing, quality and few other parameters that are taken into consideration.

Tattoo placement

The cost of tattoos also varies upon the body placement, i.e. where you want your tattoo design to be inked. Wondering how does body placement makes the difference? Well, these are few sensitive areas on our body such as genitals, wrists, neck and sternum. These areas are full of body nerves and receptors, so tattoo artist has to be very careful while making tattoos on these sensitive areas. Once wrong move could even lead to severe skin infection or health condition. Therefore, tattooing on these areas will obviously cost you more. Some tattoo artists even ask for your consent form before making tattoos on sensitive areas.

Design of the tattoo

Design of the tattoo also plays an important role in deciding the cost. For simple designs, tattoo artists usually charge minimum amount. But if the design is complicated and too time consuming, then be ready to shed some extra dollars from your pocket.

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